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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scholarly Book About the Father of John Pell, 2nd Lord of the Manor of Pelham, Is Published

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A lengthy and scholarly book that addresses the life of John Pell (1611-1685), the father of John Pell, 2nd Lord of the Manor of Pelham, and the brother of Thomas Pell, 1st Lord of the Manor of Pelham, has been published. The bibliographic reference for the book appears below:

Malcolm, Noel & Stedall, Jacqueline, John Pell (1611-1685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish The Mental World of an Early Modern Mathematician (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2005) (ISBN 0 19 856484 8 (Hbk)).

Dust Jacket of the Book.

The book is intended for the academic community and is extremely expensive. Although it is available via online booksellers such as Amazon.com for as much as $249 a copy, copies can be found from discount booksellers for as little as $183 plus shipping and tax. Click here to see a description of the book for sale from eCampus.com.

The heavily footnoted tome is 657 pages long and relies heavily on difficult to access primary resources. I have completed the first 80 pages of the book and will report further on its completion. The book deals with the following topics:

Part I The Life of John Pell by Noel Malcolm

1. Sussex, Cambridge, 1611-1629

2. Sussex, London, Sussex, 1629-1638

3. London, 1638-1643

4. Amsterdam, Breda, 1643-1652

5. London, Zurich, 1652-1658

6. London, Essex, London, 1658-1665

7. Cheshire, 1665-1669

8. London, 1669-1685

Part II The Mathematics of John Pell by Jacqueline Stedall

Part III The Pell-Cavendish Correspondence

The beginning of the book is excellent, but clearly is intended for an audience other than those interested in the popular history of Pelham, New York and surrounding areas. It seems appropriate only for the most serious students of Pelham history.

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