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Monday, August 29, 2005

The 1804 Elections: Report of Pelham's Returns Published That Year

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The May 11, 1804 issue of American Citizen, published in New York City, reported on the election battles between Republicans and Federalists throughout the state of New York. The paper left no doubt where it stood in the matter. In describing the results of the elections throughout the state, it said "[t]hus it will be seen that while the federalists and little Burr-Band, by their united and violent exertions, have obtained, for Mr. Burr, the trifling majority of 52, the Republican Assembly ticket is carried by an average Majority of nearly300, and the Congress ticket by 631. So that after all, Republicanism has TRIUMPHED GLORIOUSLY, even in Dutchess." The returns for Pelham, as reported in the publication, were as listed below.

For Governor and Lieutenant Governor:

Lewis 6
Broome 6

Burr 6
Phelps 6

For Congress:

Van Cortlandt 1
Hering. 21

For Senators:

Denning 11
Purdy 4
Thomas 5

Dr. Smith 6
Roosevelt 5

For Assembly:

A. Gilbert 12
J. Travis 12
A. Odell 14
C. Tompkins 14

J. Robert 0
B Isaacks 8
J. Sniffes 8
A. Browne 9
J. Robert 9

The election results that included Pelham's results included above also included the following published certification: "I do certify the foregoing to be a true extract taken from the canvass of the late election held in the county of Westchester for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senators, members of Congress, and Assembly. THOMAS FERRIS, Clerk of Westchester County. 5th May, 1804."

Source: [Election Results], American Citizen, May 11, 1804, p. 2.

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