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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mystery Home Depicted in 1925 Real Estate Advertisement

It's not often that I consider myself lazy, but . . . . Today I will begin a series of postings to the Historic Pelham Blog reproducing old real estate advertisements published in the 1920s in an effort to obtain help from readers in my efforts to identify the homes pictured in the advertisements. I will admit that although I have been collecting examples of such advertisements for years, I have yet to undertake any meaningful efforts to identify the homes depicted in the advertisements. I am hoping readers will help me avoid drives throughout Pelham searching for the homes depicted in these advertisements.

Today's example appears immediately below. It appeared in a magazine published in 1925. I have reproduced the text of the advertisement below its image to allow for full text searching of its content via the Historic Pelham Blog.

If you recognize the home above (or think you may recognize it), please click on "Comment" below and provide identifying information. I will receive an email and will update this entry at a later date with all such information. (Guesses are welcome!)

The text of the advertisement states as follows:

"Residence of Unusual Distinction
Set Amid Beautiful Oak Trees

BUILT of hollow tile with white marble dash finish, the roof of rough tile with copper leaders and gutters, the house is notable for its architectural excellence and pronounced charm.

The first floor has hall extending from front to rear, living room, 20x34-6, with fireplace, sun parlor, dining room, breakfast room, lavatory and service quarters; second floor: 5 master rooms, 3 baths, built-in shower; third floor: 3 rooms, bath and large storage area. Basement has billiard room and two lavatories. Vapor heating system, vacuum cleaning systm, ice-making plant and large refrigerator.

Porch 85x8 across front, with porte cochere in rear.

3-car garage with individual heating plant. The grounds 200x125 are charmingly landscaped with formal garden, lawns, shrubbery and over 400 varieties of flowers.

For further particulars apply S-3539.

Fish & Marvin 527 Fifth Ave., New York
Telephone Murray Hill 6526"

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At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that house on Eastland, near the intersection with Ancon?

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Blake,

My name is Anthony Durante. I purchased this ad on E-Bay for my small, but growing collection of Pelham items. As a previous person mentioned, it is the house on Eastland off Ancon. I actually rang the homeowners bell one night to see if they would like a copy of the ad. The gentlemen who answered the door told me that an elder man who grew up in the house came and visted one day and gave him the history of the house.


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