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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The First Anniversary of the Historic Pelham Blog

On February 8, 2005 -- one year ago today -- I unveiled the Historic Pelham Blog. Since that day, I have successfully posted at least one new "article" to the Blog each and every weekday without missing a single such day including holidays. During the first year of this Blog, I posted 271 articles regarding the history of Pelham and surrounding areas. A mirrored archive containing copies of each and every Blog posting is also available at http://www.historicpelham.com/BlogArchive/BlogIndex.htm.

The articles covered such diverse topics as: The Area Planned for Development by The Pelham Manor & Huguenot Heights Association in 1873 (Dec. 22); The First Stone Bridge Built Across Eastchester Creek in Pelham, 1814-1815 (Dec. 8); In Memoriam: A List of Pelham’s Civil War Dead (Nov. 18); World War II Victory Gardens in Pelham (Nov. 7); Remnants of the Battlefield on Which the Battle of Pelham Was Fought on October 18, 1776 (Oct. 26); Historic Loutrel Briggs Garden “Discovered” in Pelham Manor (Oct. 20); How Dry I Am – Pelham Goes Dry in the 1890s and Travers Island Is At the Center of A Storm (Aug. 11); Today’s Remnants of the Bartow Station on the Branch Line Near City Island (July 21); Pelham Manor Runaway Slave Notice in August 29, 1789 Issue of The New-York Packet (July 18); How Did a Village Blacksmith Win the 1906 North Pelham Election by Cornering the Market on Sleighs? (July 8); The Discovery of a Gold and Silver Treasure in the Backyard of a Pelham Home in 1889 (May 16); The Zeppelin Hindenburg Thrilled Pelham Before Its Fiery Crash in 1937 (Apr. 8); Split Rock – A Pelham Landmark for Centuries (Mar. 28, 2005); and New Discoveries Regarding Baseball in 19th Century Pelham (Feb. 10).

The Blog was nominated for several awards presented by the History News Network at the Philadelphia convention of the American Historical Association. It was nominated in the following categories: (1) Best Individual Blog; (2) Best Post (Four Nominations – Pelham and the Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor, The Zeppelin Hindenburg Thrilled Pelham Before Its Fiery Crash in 1937, Pelham’s Only Known Example of a Home Designed by Master Architect William A. Bates and In 1909 Fear of “Sharp Lawyers” Prompted Cancellation of the Pell Family’s “Fatt Calfe” Ceremony); (3) Best New Blog; and (4) Best Series of Posts (The Sea Serpent of the Sound: Spotted in Pelham Waters in 1877 – Parts I, II and III). Alas, it received no honors, losing to spectacular entries maintained by some of the nation's best and brightest academic historians!

An index that lists each and every posting on the Historic Pelham Blog on a single Web page to facilitate use of the "Edit" > "Find" feature of the Explorer browser is accessible by clicking on the specified link at the beginning and end of each Blog posting.

At some point each weekend I try to assemble enough material for five postings that week. To my surprise, I have had little difficulty coming up with new ideas for postings given the almost embarrassing wealth of rich information regarding the history of the area. I plan to continue, God willing, to add articles early each day for the foreseeable future and encourage those who wish to comment to do so using the comment feature available at the end of each article. I have received a wealth of wonderful emails from a host of individuals in the last year commenting on the contents of the Blog and even providing supplemental information on a number of the topics about which I have written. I certainly hope that will continue!

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