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Friday, April 21, 2006

Locations of Pelham Homes (and a School) For Which Loutrel Briggs Prepared Designs

Editor's Note: After publishing the item below on April 21 I received a comment from one reader and an email from another reader pointing out an inexplicable error that I made indicating, erroneously, that 129 Corlies was within the Village of North Pelham when it was first built. Of course it was not. It is located in the Heights, an area within the Village of Pelham when it was first built. I have corrected the reference below. (I plead brain freeze. Thank you for the comments, though!!)

Recently I have published to the Historic Pelham Blog a number of items regarding the renowned landscape designer Loutrel Briggs and some of the gardens and landscape designs that he prepared for clients located in Pelham. For examples of such recent postings, see:

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In my April 19, 2006 posting, I listed Pelham-related entries from an index of Briggs papers in the collections of the South Carolina Historical Society. I now have reviewed old directories in the collections of The Office of The Historian of The Town of Pelham to identify the locations of all but one of those listings. Below are the results of my research.

"Mr. Lockwood Barr
Pelham Manor, NY
Sept. 1928
Planting Plan of Garden (T)"

The Lockwood Barr home located at 20 Beech Tree Lane in Pelham Manor was previously identified as the site of a Loutrel Briggs garden in the rear of the home. The original garden layout and many of the original plantings still exist.

"Mrs. R. E. Coulson
Pelham Manor, NY
May 5, 1924
Planting Plan of Flower Garden (T)"

In 1924, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Colson lived at 107 Witherbee Avenue in Pelham Manor. Mr. Colson was an attorney.

"Davis Laing Esq.
Pelham Manor, NY
July 31, 1929
Construction Plan of Garden (T)"

The reference to "Davis" is an error. The correct name is "David Laing" (see entry immediately below.)

"David Laing Esq.
Pelham Manor, NY
Aug. 19, 1929
Lattice Screen Detail (T)"

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Mr. and Mrs. David Laing lived in the home that still stands at 1368 Park Lane in Pelham Manor.

"Prospect Hill School
Hudson St.Pelham, NY
Dec. 1932
General Plan of Grounds (T)"

The Prospect Hill School still stands in the Village of Pelham Manor. It is bordered by Hudson Street, Clay Avenue, Washington Avenue and Oak Lane.

"Mrs. Holton Scott
Pelham, NY
November 1, 1926
Planting Plan of Garden (T)"

Mr. and Mrs. Holton H. Scott lived at 129 Corlies Avenue in the Heights (Village of Pelham) in 1926. Mr. Scott was an engineer.

"Mr. Homer Sullivan
Pelham Wood [sic]
Westchester Co., NY
No Date
Residence (P)"

This reference remains a mystery. Although Pelhamwood is the neighborhood adjacent to, and immediately north of, the New Haven Line railroad tracks and the Pelham Train Station, review of phone directories in the possession of The Office of The Historian of The Town of Pelham have yet to reveal the location of a residence in which "Mr. Homer Sullivan" lived.

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At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention that 129 Corlies Avenue was in the Village of North Pelham. The Village of North Pelham was North of what is currently the Metro North train line. Corlies Avenue ends South of the train station. I don't remember that area ever being called North Pelham.


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