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Friday, June 09, 2006

Pelham-Related Franchise Records of the Westchester Electric Railroad Company - Part 2

Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting continues a series of transcriptions of Franchise Records of the Westchester Electric Railroad Company that operated trolleys in Pelham and other nearby communities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today's record is the actual Articles of Association of the Westchester Electric Railroad Company filed March 27, 1891. The text of today's record appears immediately below.


Articles of Association of The Westchester Electric Railroad Company, filed March 27, 1891.

We, the undersigned, desiring to associate ourselves together to form a company, pursuant to Chapter 252 of the Laws of 1884, and the several acts supplementary thereto and amendatory thereof, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating a street surface railroad in the Village of Mount Vernon, County of Westchester, State of New York, do hereby make and sign these Articles of Association, and do state as follows:

I. - The name of said Company is The Westchester Electric Railroad Company.

II. - The number of years the same is to continue is fifty.

III. - The road is to be constructed, maintained and operated from a point in the bridge crossing the Bronx River at Mr. Vernon Avenue, said point being on the boundary line of the Village of Mt. Vernon, to a point on Jefferson Street in said village where the village line crosses said street and in and along the following named streets in said village, that is to say : Beginning at a point of beginning above described and running thence along Mt. Vernon Avenue to South Railroad Avenue to Grove Street, thence along Grove Street to New Haven Railroad Street, thence along New Haven Railroad Street to Bond Street, thence along Bond Street to Mt. Vernon Avenue, thence along Mt. Vernon Avenue to Stevens Avenue, thence along Stevens Avenue to Fourth Avenue, thence along Fourth Avenue in a South Easterly direction to Third Street, thence along Third Street to Jefferson Street, and thence along Jefferson Street to the village line, as above set forth, the length of said road being as near as may be stated, two miles.

IV. - The amount of the Capital Stock of said Company shall be thirty thousand dollars ($30,000), which shall consist of three hundred (300) shares of the par value of one hundred dollars ($100) each.

V. - The names and places of residence of the directors of the company who shall manage its affairs for the first year and until others are chosen in their places are as follows:

John A. Bowers............339 West 12th Street, New York City.
Herbert N. Curtis........126 East 19th Street, New York City.
Henry C. Radford........467 East 21st Street, New York City.
Charles H. Warner......58 West 35th Street, New York City.
Elmer E. Gilbert..........58 West 35th Street, New York City.
W. H. Clark..................335 Lafayette Ave., B'klyn, New York.
William F. Dean..........78 West Washington Place, N. Y. City.

VI. - We hereby severally subscribe and agree to take the number of shares of stock in said company hereinafter set opposite our respective names.

John A. Bowers......339 West 12th St., N.Y...........3 shares
Geo. D. Patten.......54 Wall Street, N.Y..................3 shares
C. A. Hopkins.........302 11th St., B'klyn.................3 shares
Herbert N. Curtis..126 East 19th St., N.Y. City...3 shares
Henry C. Radford..46 West 21st St., N.Y. City....3 shares
Charles H. Warner.58 West 35th St., N.Y. City...3 shares
E. E. Gilbert............58 West 35th St., N.Y. City...3 shares
W. H. Clarke...........335 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, NY..3 shares
C. F. Rogers............14 West 12th St., N.Y. City, ...3 shares
W. F. Dean..............78 W. Washington Pl, N.Y. City..3 shares
C. E. Briggs.............457 8th St., Brooklyn...............3 shares
B. Moffatt, Jr.........452 9th St., Brooklyn...............3 shares
A. Denison Williams..206 W. 69th St., N.Y. City...3 shares

City and County of New York,}

HERBERT N. CURTIS, HENRY C. RADFORD and WALTER H. CLARKE, being severally duly sworn, each for himself deposes and says that he is one of the directors of The Westchester Electric Railroad Company named in the foregoing Articles of Association of said Company ; that one thousand dollars of capital stock for every mile of road proposed to be constructed has been in good faith subscribed, and ten per cent. paid thereon in good faith, in cash, to the directors named in the Articles of Association ; and that it is intended in good faith to construct, maintain and operate the road mentiioned in such Articles of Association.


Sworn to before me, this 25th }
day of March, 1891}

Witness my hand and official seal,
Notary public for New York
[SEAL.] County, N. Y.

City and County of New York, }

I, LEONARD A. GIEGERICHH, Clerk of the City and County of New York, and also Clerk of the Supreme Court for the said City and County, the same being a Court of Record, do hereby certify, that William H. Clarkson, before whom the annexed deposition was taken, was at the time of taking the same, a Notary Public of New York, dwelling in said City and County, duly appointed and sworn, and authorized to administer the oaths to be used in any Court in said State, and for general purposes; that I am well acquainted with the handwriting of said Notary, and that his signature thereto is genuine, as I verily believe.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of the said Court and County the 26th day of March, 1891.


(Endorsed) Mch. 27, 1891. The Westchester Electric Railroad Company Articles of Association. Tax for privilege of organization of this Corporation $37 50/100 Under Chapter 143 Law of 1886 paid to State Treasurer before Filing. State of New York Office of Secretary of State. Filed and recorded Mar. 27, 1891, Th. E. Benedict Deputy Secretary of State."

Source: Source: The Westchester Electric Railroad Company Franchise Documents, pp. 126-29 (June 1, 1903).

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