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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Captain of British Sloop Scorpion Stationed Off City Island on July 23, 1777 Gave Notice No Flags of Truce Would Be Permitted to Pass

During the early months of the Revolutionary War, British warship activity in the Long Island Sound off the coast of Pelham was intense. One British sloop that cruised the waters off the shore of City Island has His Majesty's Sloop Scorpion. On July 23, 1777, the captain of that sloop, Philip Brown, issued a notice published in a local newspaper indicating that by order of Vice Admiral Howe, the Scorpion would not permit any flags of truce to pass between Connecticut and Long Island without "Special Licence" of Vice Admiral Howe. The notice stated as follows:

"Scorpion, (off New City-Island) July 23, 1777.
No Flags of Truce are in Future to pass between the Colony of Connecticut, and Long Island, without the Special Licence of the General commanding his Majestry's Forces, nor any Correspondence by Letter, or otherwise permitted but under the above Restriction. Flags of Truce are to be confined in future to New York only. Matters regarding the Naval Department excepted.

By Order of the Viscount Howe, Vice Admiral and Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships in North America

Philip Brown, Captain of his Majesty's Sloop Scorpion."

Source: Scorpion (off New City-Island) July 23, 1777, Continental Journal, Jul. 23, 1777, p. 3, col. 1.

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