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Monday, October 23, 2006

More Early Evidence That Thomas Pell Had a House Later Used by His Nephew, John Pell, on Rodman's Neck

Though late in life his primary residence was in Fairfield in the Colony of Connecticut, it seems clear that Thomas Pell had a house on today's Rodman's Neck opposite City Island. The area then was known, with a variety of spellings, as "Anne Hooks Neck". In a variety of official documents -- both during his life and after his death -- Thomas Pell was described as "Thomas Pell of Anne Hooks neck". Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting transcribes another such instance.

"A speciall warr t for hearing at ye Assizes 1 [Footnote 1 states "1 For an order of same date, see Orders, Warrants, Letters, vol. 2, p. 534; also an earlier reference to the dispute in ibid, p. 334 (February 17, 1668/9)."]

Whereas John Richbell of Momoroneck hath made Complaint unto me That you Thomas Pell of Anne Hooks neck Doe unjustly detaine & keep from him a certaine parcell of meadowe Ground lyeing & being neare unto or upon one of ye three necks of Land at Momoroneck, And he ye said John Richbell hauing Peticoned me That the Title & clayme on each parte may be heard & determyned at ye Assizes, These are in his Ma ties name to require you to appeare at this next Gen rll Court of Assizes to be held in this Citty beginning on ye first Wednesday in ye month of October next, Then & there to make Answer to ye Complaint of ye said John Richbell, upon ye Tryall of your Title to ye said meadowe Hereof you are not to fayle at your perill, Given und r my hand & seale at ffort James in Newe Yorke this 13th day [Page 656 / Page 657] of September in ye 21th yeare of his Ma ties Raigne Anno Domini 1669.

[Francis Lovelace.]

To Mr Thomas Pell at Anne Hooks neck or elsewhere."

Source: Paltsits, Victor Hugo, ed., Minutes of the Executive Counicl of the Province of New York Administration of Francis Lovelace 1668-1673 Volume II - Collateral and Illustrative Documents XX-XCVIII, pp. 656-57 (Albany, NY: State of New York, 1910).

I have previously speculated on the Historic Pelham Blog that evidence suggests that after Thomas Pell died in late September, 1669, his nephew and principal legatee, John Pell, moved to America and lived in his uncle's house on Anne Hooks Neck for a time before building his own manor house near today's Bartow-Pell Mansion. The same source quoted above provides additional evidence to this effect. It contains a reference to "John Pell of ye Mannor of Anne-Hooks Neck" in September, 1671 -- shortly after Pell arrived to take control of the estate he had inherited. The reference reads in its entirety as follows:

"A Speciall Warr t for Jeremy Cannon, ais Dorman, James Mott, Roger Pedley to appeare at ye Assizes to answer Mr Pell in a Case of Trespass.

Whereas Mr John Pell of ye Mannor of Anne-Hooks Neck hath made Complaint unto mee that Jeremy Cannons ais Dorman, James Mott, Roger Pedley, & James [blank] a Serv t belonging to Mr John Richbell of Momoronock, have together or apart at severall times comitted a Great Trespass, in carrying away severall parcells of Hay made up in Stack upon his Land, & there being one Stack of Hay lately burnt upon ye said Land, of w ch there is great suspition one or more of the persons aforementioned are guilty; These are in his Ma ties Name to require ye said Jeremy Cannon ais Dorman, James Mott, Roger Pedley and James [blank] Mr Richbells Servant as aforesaid, That they make their Appearance at ye next Gen ll Court of Assizes to be held in this City beginning on ye first Wednesday in October next, wch will be on ye fourth day of ye said Month, then and there to make Answer to ye Complaint of Mr John Pell in ye Matters aforesaid, & that they forbeare ye giveing ye said Mr Pell any Molestacon by carrying away any more Hay from ye said Land untill ye difference between him & Mr about their Title be decided. Hereof They nor any of them are not to faile as they will Answer the Contrary at their Perills. Given under my Hand & Seale at Forte James in New Yorke [Page 657 / Page 658] this 22th day of September in ye 23d yeare of his Ma ties Reigne, Annoq Dni 1671.

Fran: Lovelace

To Jacob Young of Ann-Hooks Neck, or any other person whom Mr Pell shall Employ upon this Occasion to see this Speciall Warrant served, & returne made thereof at ye Assizes."

Source: Id., pp. 657-58.

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