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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Birthplace of Scouting in Pelham: 305 Pelhamdale Avenue Where Pelham Scouting Began in 1910

Boy Scouts of America was founded on February 8, 1910. Within a matter of months, Pelham founded its own Boy Scout program as part of the movement.

There is a record of the founding of the Boy Scout program in Pelham. That record is an article that appeared in the October 29, 1910 issue of The Pelham Sun. The article describes the organization of a Boy Scout program in Pelham following a meeting that occurred two weeks earlier in the home that still stands at 305 Pelhamdale Avenue in Pelham Heights. A photograph of the home appears immediately below. The home is the birthplace of the Boy Scout program in Pelham.

Home at 305 Pelhamdale Avenue Where the Pelham Boy
Scout Program Began.  Photograph Taken by the Author
on April 1, 2007.  NOTE:  Click on Image To Enlarge.

Below is a transcription of the article describing the October 1910 meeting during which the Boy Scout program was organized in Pelham. A citation to the source of the article appears below the transcription.


At a meeting held two weeks ago at the residence of Mrs. Eugene G. Kremer, in Pelhamdale avenue, Pelham Heights, Mr. Robert Holmes presiding, a temporary organization of the Pelham Boy Scouts was effected by the appointment of a committee, with Mrs. James F. Secor as chairman.

A number of boys have joined in the movement and several representative citizens of the Heights have furnished a guaranty which assures the establishment of the Scouts and enables the committee to invite members from all the Pelhams. Mr. John Butler has consented to act as treasurer.

The School Board has appointed a committee to co-operate with the managing committee of the Pelham Boy Scouts and has made arrangements to alow [sic] the use of the Highbrook Avenue School House and to permit the installation therein of modern gymnastic apparatus. Active steps are being taken to secure the necessary funds for this purpose. Contributions may be sent to Mr. John Butler, Treasurer, Pelham Heights.

The leading objects of the Boy Scouts are: Recreation, camp fire camp life, self-government, woodcraft pursuits, honors by standards, personal decorations for personal achievements and a heroic ideal.

It gives physical health and development; it teaches energy, resourcefulness and handicrafts, it puts into the lad discipline, pluck, chivalry and patriotism; in a word, it develops 'character,' which is more essential than anything else to a lad making his way in life, and which is yet practically untaught in our schools.

The committee will welcome the assistance of all citizens of our beautiful villages in this movement to make the boys of the Pelhams capable men, good citizens and kind friends and brothers.

Applications for membership may be addressed to Mrs. John Byers, 246 Corona avenue, and Mrs. Eugene G. Kremer, 305 Pelhamdale avenue, Pelham."

Source: Organization of Boy Scouts, The Pelham Sun, Oct. 29, 1910, p. 1.

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