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Monday, April 30, 2007

Reference to John Pell in 17th Century Records Relating to Settlement of the Boundary Between New York and Connecticut

John Pell, often referenced as "Second Lord of the Manor of Pelham", seems to have played a limited role in the events surrounding settlement of a boundary dispute between New York and Connecticut in the late 17th century. Some records relating to the settlement of that dispute were collected in a book published in 1893 entitled "Documents Relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming Valley". One of those records contains a reference to John Pell. Consequently, I have transcribed the record below, followed by a citation to its source.

"A General Court held at Hartford May 8th 1684. This Court havinge heard the Agreement made by the Committee appointed by this Court November last about setlinge of Bounds betweene this Collonye & New York : thaye approved of what was done : and appointed Major Nathan Gold one of the Councell to attend the Searves wth Mr Jehue Burr and Capt Jonathan Selleck who are herebye commisonated to attende the searves of layeinge out the Line betweene the sayd province of New Yoark & Connecticott Colonye acordinge to the agreement made the Tweenty eaight of November 35th yeare of his Mag is Reigne 1683 : at Fort James in New York : & Mr Harriman Surveighor with such other Gentlemen as shall be appointed from New Yeork & thaye are to meet at Stamford on the first Wensdaye in Octobar next to attend the sayd Searvice : and in case any of those appointed by providence should be disenabled to attende the Searves : The Governour is heare by desired to putt & appoint some suitable person or persons to supplye and attend the searvice in the rome of him or them as shall be disenabled. Signed by order of the Gover and General Court P John Allyen Secr. This is trew coppye of the originall comparred bye Jonat. Selleck, John Pell.

True Copy compared with the Record by me

ROBT. HARPUS, D. Secrty."

Source: Egle, William Henry, ed., Documents Relating to the Connecticut Settlement in the Wyoming Valley, p. 305 (Harrisburg: E. E. Meyers, State Printer 1893).

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