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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photograph of Pelham Manor Station on the Branch Line Published in 1908

In 1908, The Architectural Record published a wonderful article entitled "Along the Harlem River Branch". Among other things, the article provided brief information about the newl-opened Pelham Manor Train Station designed by master architect Cass Gilbert. It also included a wonderful photograph of the station. That photograph appears immediately below, followed by the text of the information about the station and a citation to its source.

"Pelham Manor station (Fig. 9), which one has the pleasure of finding in a sufficient state of forwardness to be photographed from the fact and not from an imaginary perspective, is a present in an environment not only suburban, but sylvan. Long may it remain so. It is not fantastic to hope that the design of the station, to conform to the existing surroundings, may help to keep it so. At any rate, nothing could be more in conformity with the surroundings as they are than this rough, low, square tower, this expanse of the simplest possible rough stone wall, this covering of heavy and deeply corrugated tiles, extending over but not overweighing the terminal sheltering sheds. The thing is a particular pleasure to behold."

Source: "Along the Harlem River Branch", The Architectural Record, Vol. XXIII, No. 6, Jul. - Dec., pp. 422-23 (NY, NY: McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Dec. 1908).

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