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Friday, July 20, 2007

Account of Early Baseball in Pelham: Pelham vs. the New York Athletic Club on Travers Island in 1897

Those who read the Historic Pelham Blog regularly know that periodically I have posted to the Historic Pelham Blog research regarding early organized baseball in Pelham. In fact, I have written extensively on the topic. Among the material I have prepared on the topic are the following:

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Bell, Blake A., Baseball in Late 19th Century Pelham, The Pelham Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 17, Apr. 23, 2004, p. 8, col. 2.

Today's posting reproduces a brief account of a baseball game played in 1897 between a Pelham club and a baseball team fielded by the New York Athletic Club on Travers Island. The account appears immediately below, followed by a citation to its source.


SPECTATORS at the Travers Island baseball games may in future expect to witness gilt-edged games, for Mr. Fred M. Hausling has succeeded in organizing a New York A. C. nine that experts pronounce to be the strongest amateur contingent in the vicinity. The pitcher is Thomas Dunne, who has twirled for Brown University to the dismay of the other universities. Eddie Donnelly will act as change pitcher when Dunne is unable to play. James Dunne will hold his brother's deliveries, changing with Tom Cuming, the well-known Stevens Institute catcher. Between them they will cover third base. A. J. Fauss, another well-known local player, will play second base, while the first bag will be covered by 'Bob' Fisher, whose popularity would be sufficient to draw a large crowd to Travers Island, even if he were not a first-class ballplayer. Fred Hausling is modest enough to be looking for a player to succeed himself as shortstop, but, meatime, will play the position, and there is no doubt of his giving satisfaction to the rooters, even if he fails to reach his own high standard of what a ballplayer should be. The outfield will be made up from popular cranks, such as Arthur J. Moore, Eddie Deppeler, Bob Lyons, Harry Lyons and E. B. Bloss.

The arrangements for playing with other teams are not yet completed, but a series of three games with the Crescent A. C. has been decided on. The other clubs who will be asked to play weekly games are Englewood Field Club, Larchmont Field Club, Pelham Field Club, Yonkers A. A.


A GAME of baseball between the New York A. C. and the Pelham Field Club was played at Travers Island, on July 4th, before an attendance of 400. The home team won by a score of 23 to 7. H. S. Lyons pitched for the New York A. C., and struck out fifteen men. The Pelham players only secured five hits. The following played on the New York nine: F. Donahue, catcher; R. C. Fisher, 1st base; M. T. Cowperthwait, 2d base; F. M. Hausling, short stop; R. T. Lyons, 3d base; E. B. Bloss, right field; A. J. Moore, centre field; E. Deppeler, left field; H. S. Lyons, pitcher."

Source: Base Bell in New York Athletic Club Journal, Vol. VI, No. 5, p. 7 (Aug. 1897).

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At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know if A J Moore the cf on Pelham baseball team is the Grandfather of Eli Moore who was a star running back for Pelham Memorial HS IN 1966 .Eli also played football at Princeton U Tigers.


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