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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Information About Richard Crabb, One of the Englishmen Who Signed Thomas Pell's Treaty on June 27, 1654

This is the second in a series of four postings regarding four of the Englishmen who witnessed the signing of Thomas Pell's treaty on June 27, 1654. For yesterday's posting, which includes links to earlier postings dealing with the same topic, see Tuesday, October 30, 2007: Information About Henry Accorly, One of the Englishmen Who Signed Thomas Pell's Treaty on June 27, 1654.

"CRABB, RICHARD. -- His name first appears on the roll of the general meeting of the freemen, at Hartford, for the election of magistrates, Jan. 16, 1639; and April 9, 1640, he is present as deputy, and must have been a man of some note. He came to Stamford with the company from Wethersfield, and is on the list of those who paid the hundred bushels of corn to the New Haven Colony, and of those to whom the first assignment of land was made. He received ten acres. His land must have been assigned him west of the present limits of the town, as he is spoken of subsequently in the records, as belonging to Greenwich. His position is sufficiently attested by his appointment on the first provisional government of the colony. In 1658, we find him making trouble in the church. He seems to have become a quaker, or at least, to have harbored quakers and kept quaker books. He could not agree with the church in their opinion of the sanctity of the Sabbath, and spoke disparagingly or contemptuously of the ministry. Mr. Bishop, the pastor of the church became discouraged, and we find Mr. Crabb, the offender, brought into court for trial. He was fined to pay £30 to the jurisdiction, and give bonds in £100, for his good behavior, and also to make public acknowledgment at Stamford to the satisfaction of Francis Bell, and those others whom he had wronged. In 1660 the constables of Stamford are desired to use their endeavors to arrest the person of Richard Crabb, of Greenwich."

Source: Huntington, E. B., History of Stamford, Connecticut, From its Settlement in 1641 to the Present Time Including Darien, Which Was One of its Parishes Until 1820, p. 30 (Stamford, CT: Published by the Author, 1868).

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