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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photograph and Biography of Edgar C. Beecroft, Pelham Town Supervisor in the Early 20th Century

Edgar C. Beecroft lived in Pelham Manor and served as Town Supervisor of the Town of Pelham in the early 20th century. His photograph and a biography appear immediately below followed by a citation to the source.


Edgar Charles Beecroft, lawyer, Supervisor, Counsel to the Bronx Sewer Commission, Corporation Counsel, former Justice of the Peace, etc., was born in Oak Park, Ill., on February 16, 1876, a son of John R. and Elizabeth Beecroft.

He graduated at Trinity College (Hartford, Conn.) and at the New York Law School.

He was admitted to practice at the bar in 1899, and early took a prominent place in the profession. His advance was steady and honorable. A studious analysis of all the rules and practices of law, a knowledge of the very best productions of distinguished jurists, enables him to retain the honorable position he holds in the legal fraternity.

The chief characteristics of Mr. Beecroft, as an official as well as a lawyer, are his great industry and his unbending integrity. In personal appearance he is commanding; his features wear the stamp of intellect; he is cool and self-possessed under every circumstance, and never finds himself in a situation for which he has not adequate resources.

When he was three years of age his parents came to this State, settling in Pelham. He has since resided in that town, his present abode being in Pelham Manor.

Mr. Beecroft has acted with the Democratic party, and has always been a conspicuous and able defender of the principles it was established to maintain. His influence in his own town added to his personal popularity has resulted in his repeated election to public office when the town was normally largely Republican; he is certainly appreciated where he is best known.

He served as a Justice of the Peace for eight years, from 1901 to 1909; while holding the position of Justice he was, in 1907, elected Supervisor of the town of Pelham, holding both offices until 1909. In 1909 he was re-elected Supervisor, and again re-elected in 1911, notwithstanding a strong opposition determined if possible to defeat him by the usual Republican majority given at a general election. The re-election of Supervisor Beecroft proves that the people can be trusted when it comes to approving the acts of a faithful official.

In 1910 at the urgent request of leaders of his party he consented to accept the Democratic nomination for District-Attorney, when there was not the slightest possibility of success, so great was the opposition party's majority in the county. His loyalty to the principles of his party justified his making a sacrifice. As was expected, he was defeated; yet he had the satisfaction of knowing that the number of votes he received far exceeded that given any other nominee of the party for that office in recent years.

He was chosen Corporation Counsel of the Village of North Pelham in March, 1911, and he still retains the position.

On the reorganization of the Bronx Valley Sewer Commission, under special act of the State Legislature, by Commissioners appointed by Governor Dix, in 1911, Mr. Beecroft was unanimously chosen to hold the highly responsible position of Counsel to the Commission. [Page 189 / Page 190]

He is counsel to the Pelham Board of Sewage Disposal Works.

He is a member of the York Lodge, F. and A. M., and of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity.

Mr. Beecroft was married July 2, 1904, to Miss Grace L. Lowry, daughter of Clarence and Ida (Haviland) Lowry, of New York city. They have two children, John Robert, aged six years, and Lavinia, aged five months."

Source: Smith, Henry T., Westchester County in History Manual and Civil List Past and Present - County History Towns, Hamlets, Villages and Cities - Truly This People Can Say, We Have Made History - 1683-1914, Vol. III, pp. 189-90 (White Plains, NY: Henry T. Smith, Publisher, 1913).

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