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Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Account of the First Trip of Colonel Delancey Kane's Tally-Ho to Open the 1880 Coaching Season

I have posted many items to the Historic Pelham Blog regarding the spectacle of "coaching to Pelham" in four-in-hand carriages during the 1870s and 1880s. Col. Delancey Kane began the practice during the 1870s and many followed in his footsteps. To read a little about the curious fad, see:

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Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog is an account of the first trip of Col. Delancey Kane's Tally-Ho to open the 1880 coaching season. The account appeared in the April 22, 1880 issue of the New-York Tribune. It appears immediately below.



A better day than yesterday for the opening of the coaching season could not have been asked, and the trip of Colonel Delancey Kane's Tally-Ho coach from the Brunswick Hotel to New-Rochelle and back was most enjoyable. At a minute or two before 10 the coach appeared, Colonel Kane holding the high-spirited horses well in hand, and by a graceful turn bringing them close up to the curb in front of the hotel. The windows from which a view of the animated scene could be obtained were filled with ladies who watched for the appearance of Mrs. Delancey Kane and her guests for the day. They were promptly on hand, and soon in their seats on the top of the coach. The ladies and gentlemen were as follows: Colonel and Mrs. Delancey Kane, Frederick Bronson and wife, George P. Wetmore and wife, Oliver Iselin and Miss Iselin, John I. Kane and wife, Miss Kane and Hugo Fritch. No one rode inside the coach. The ladies wore dark spring toilets, and carried bouquets of bright flowers.

When all were comfortably seated for the long ride, Colonel Kane grasped the reins, the guard wound some merry notes on his bugle, and away the horses dashed up Fifth-ave., which was filled with vehicles of all descriptions, requiring a steady hand and a quick eye to guide the nervous, eager horses among them. All along the avenue the pedestrians stopped to look with admiration at the gay turnout. The schedule time was adhered to with variations of only a few minutes. Relays of horses were in waiting at Harlem, Union Port, Pelham Bridge, New-Rochelle, and a Pelham Bridge again on the return. A stop of several hours was made at New-Rochelle, where the party arrived at 12.

At 5:33 p.m. the coach was seen by the crowd which had gathered near the Hotel Brunswick, as it came down Murray Hill, and a few seconds later the ringing notes of the bugle attracted the attention of all in the neighborhood, and at 5:35 p.m., five minutes behind schedule time, the coach rounded up before the door and the guests alighted.

The Tally-Ho coach has been engaged for many days in advance. To-day C. Oliver Iselin will drive a party of friends to New-Rochelle, and to-morrow Pierre Lorillard with a coach-load will enjoy the same trip. C. Peters, Peter Marie and others will occupy the top seats. Among the others who have engaged seats for themselves and their friends during the coming few weeks are Dr. Kinloch, Mrs. Delancey Kane, Colonel Jay, C. H. Arnold, James Lawrence, Philip J. Sauds, Walter Kane, Thomas P. Ramsdell, Mr. Roosevelt, R. T. Gambrill, John I. Kane, C. Fellows, S. I. Calford, J.P. Kernochan, George H. Holt, ex-Governor Dorsheimer, W. A. Travers, Mrs. William Astor who has engaged the whole coach for May 13, Mr. Haven, Robert Seney, O. W. Buckingham and Leonard W. Jerome. The annual parade of the Coaching Club will take place on Saturday, May 29."

Source: Opening of the Coaching Season, New-York Tribune, Apr. 22, 1880, p. 8, col. 2.

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