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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Actions to Stop the Construction of a Trolley Line on Shore Road in 1899 and 1900

In 1899 and 1900, as companies worked hard to cover the region with trolley tracks to improve mass transit, efforts were underway to develop a trolley line along Shore Road to move thousands of passengers to the recreational center and amusement park on Glen Island. Local homeowners fought the efforts valiantly. A brief article in the March 6, 1900 issue of the New-York Tribune described some of those efforts.


Assemblyman Cooley has introduced a bill to prevent the construction of a trolley road in any part of Pelham Road, in the village of Pelham Manor or the city of New-Rochelle, except with the consent in writing of a majority of the owners of property along the thoroughfare. A similar bill offered last year was adopted in the Assembly and failed in the Senate.

Assemblyman Cooley, it is understood, is acting on behalf of a number of prominent people who live in the road and desire to save it from being destroyed by the construction of a surface railroad. One of the results of the measure, if it be adopted, will be to prevent the New-York, Westchester and Connecticut Traction Company, or P. H. Flynn syndicate, from reaching Glen Island."

Source: A Bill Making Necessary the Consent of a Majority of the Property Owners, New-York Tribune, Mar. 6, 1900, p. 10, col. 2.

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