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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Did Pelham Residents Die Fighting for the Union During the Civil War?

For more than a decade I have been saddened by a gaping hole in the available records regarding the history of the Town of Pelham regarding service by Pelham residents during the American Civil War.  What Pelham residents served the Union during the war?  Did any lose their lives in service to our country? In what units did they serve?

The answers to these and related questions have never been documented authoritatively despite Pelham's notable support of the Union cause in many other ways.  At the end of today's article I have included a bibliography with links to previous articles that deal with Pelham and the Civil War.

More than ten years ago I published a tentative list taken from records of early Memorial Day celebrations providing the names of thirteen Pelham residents said to have lost their lives during the Civil War.  Thus, imagine my shock when I recently ran across a very brief newspaper reference stating that of the sixty Pelham volunteers who fought for the Union during the Civil War, only eleven returned.  More specifically, the item stated:

"County Items. . . . 

Pelham sent sixty volunteers to the front during the Civil War.  Eleven of them returned.  The little town is anxious to erect a soldier's monument to commemorate her sons. . . ."

Source:  County Items, The Item [Chappaqua, NY], Aug. 5, 1897, Vol. II, No. 38, p. 1, col. 2

If the report is true, it is particularly sad that the names of so many Pelhamites who sacrificed everything for their country have been lost to history, at least for now.  If true, that must be remedied.

In an effort to begin a more systematic inquiry into the matter, I have extracted from the Ancestry.com database reflecting United States Draft Registrations from 1863 until 1865 the names of all men reflected in that database as registered for the draft from within the "New Rochelle / Pelham" region of the 10th Congressional District that covered Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam Counties at the time.  The list appears immediately below.  It is merely a first step.  Although some names on the list are immediately recognizable as Pelham residents at the time, the list needs to be matched against the 1860 U.S. Census for Pelham to identify Pelham residents (an admittedly rough way to do it) and the subset of Pelham residents thus determined will need to be matched against the Database of U.S. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors to determine who, among the Pelham residents drafted, actually served rather than, for example, hiring a substitute.  (Again, this is an admittedly rough way to do it.)  Here is the list of those drafted from New Rochelle / Pelham in 1863-1865 (190 names).

Alvin Adams
Edward Andrews
Lewis Anthony
Edward F Baker
Gev O Bashford
Michael Bau
William F Billard
Benjamin Blizzard
John Blorw
Michael Boorman
Elijah Booth
Daniel C Booth
John R Boulle
William Boya
Thomas Brown
John E Burrell
Patrick Cahill
Edward Campbell
William Carter
William H Carter
William Cochran
Michael Coe
Bemard Collins
Richard Comne
Henry Cownell
T Cox
Michael Darcy
William Dasler
Amos M Davis
James Deveran
John D Devoe
Timothy Dillon
Thoma W Disbrow
Livingston Disbrow
Daniel Doby
Peter Donnelly
Michael Donohoe
James Dought
Daniel Dunn
R W Edgar
Jonathan S Eley
David Field
Joseph Filey
George Fisher
Daniel Flanderan 
James Flannegan
John H Fleagle
Jams Fowler
John Fowler Jr
Phillip Godfrey
James M Golden
Edward Graves
George Green
James Grougan
Michael Hackerty
Benjamin Hageman
Charles Harrington
Alfred L Harton
Geo W Harton
William Hays
Lewis Henburgh
Thomas Henis
John Hildebrand
Christophre Hile
Michael Hill
Adam Hillebrand
Charles Hoffmeister
John Holler
Lawrence Holler
Jacob Holways
John C Hopkins
Joseph B Horton
Thomas Huntington
John Hutchinson
Robert Jaffray
Jacob Jewel
John Johnson
Edword Johnson
Joseph Jones
John Kaufman
Patrick Keleen
Michael Kelley
Francis Kelley
Peter Kenerdy
Benniet Kershaw
John Keyer
Herman Killenburgh
John Kine
Adam Kodmer
Godfrey Kraft
Peter Kriger
Phillip Kull
Joseph Laviness
Nathan Laviness
Walter L Lecount
Mose Liverson
John M Lockwood
Charles Lockwood
Henry Macadance
abt 1825
Albert Mahlstidt
John Maloy
David Mannel
Joseph Manner
Patrick Marvel
Henry A Mason
James Mathews
Francis May
Alexander McClure
William McDowel
Martin McGodman
Michael McGuire
William McIntash
Hugh McMichael
Thomas McMinn
Robert Mitchell
Stephen S Molinaux
William H Morgan
Henry Mulford
Leonard P Muller
Wm B Muller
Michael Murphy
John New
Henry Orcus
Charles Orcutt
John Paine
John Paine
James Parrish
Elijah S Patrick
Curtis Peck
Samuel Pell
John Pell
Edgar Pell
Elijah Pell
George J Penfield
William Pinckney
Mackson N Potter
John Price
John W Purdy
James Purtell
John Ready
William H Revere
James Reynolds
Wendelin Rhinbolt
Samuel Ridter
John Ritch
Alexander Rolf
John Ross
Conrad Roth
Eladis Rubiare
Frederick Sawyer
George Schard
George A Scofield
Wm Henry Scofield
John Sculley
Franklin B Seacord
Albut Secor
William Self
Frederick J Sheffield
Jackson B Shrievrs
Anthony Singler
Daniel Smith
Peter Smith
Robert Smith
Nicholas Smith
Henry Sniffen
William H Sparks
Lewis Spindel
Michael Stiner
C H Stringham
Victor Strousick
Henry Sweet
Patrick Teanny
Thomas Teanny
Lewis Thomas
John Tower
Benj F Underhill
William Underhill
Frederick Wall
Patrick Welsh
Morris White
Edward Williams
Wm H Williams
Benj D Williams
Henry Williams
Frederick Wilson
Augustus W Wood
John Wright
Jacob Wright

Late 19th Century "Decoration Day Greetings"
Post Card Entitled "Reconciliation"  NOTE:
Click on Image to Enlarge.

*          *          *          *          *

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I have tried, over the years, to document some of the Pelhamites who served during the Civil War, but it has been exceedingly difficult to ascertain if they served while Pelham residents or they moved to Pelham after their Civil War services.  

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