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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Thirteenth Anniversary of the Historic Pelham Blog

Today begins the fourteenth year of the Historic Pelham Blog.  It is the thirteenth anniversary of the blog that began with its first posting on February 8, 2005.  That first article was a tutorial on how to use a portion of the searchable newspaper database offered by ProQuest through the online presence of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society to research Pelham history.  See Tue., Feb. 08, 2005:  Searching Historic Newspapers Online for Information About PelhamToday's Historic Pelham article provides some statistics regarding the Historic Pelham Blog.

So far there have been 2,173 Pelham history articles prepared and posted to the Blog.  If printed, the articles would comprise about 10,000 pages of text dealing with countless issues related to Pelham History.  All are full text searchable, either by searching the blog itself at its homepage ( http://historicpelham.blogspot.com/ ) or by searching at Google.com and including the phrase "Historic Pelham" (using quotation marks around Historic Pelham) with your search terms.  

The pages of the blog have been viewed nearly three-quarters of a million times in the last thirteen years -- 722,980 times to be exact.  The number of monthly page views continues to grow.  Last month the pages of the blog were viewed 20,091 times.  Yesterday the pages of the blog were viewed 2,717 times.  So far today, as of 6:45 a.m., the pages of the blog have been viewed 238 times.

December, 2016 was the busiest month ever for the Historic Pelham Blog.  That month the blog experienced 26,025 page views.  During an ordinary month, the Blog experiences roughly 20,000 page views.

The five most popular Historic Pelham articles since the Blog began on February 8, 2005 are the following:

Mon., Dec. 04, 2017:  The Sad Tragedies that Marked the Opening and First Week of Willson's Woods Swimming Pool in 1928 (1,999 Views)

Thu., Oct. 27, 2016:  Did Google Maps Camera Capture the Ghost of the Elegant Lady of the Old Stone House at 463 First Avenue? (1,947 Views)

Mon., Sep. 26, 2016:  Battles over Razing the Fifth Avenue Station, the Highbrook Avenue Bridge, and Embankments After Failure of New York, Westchester & Boston Railway (1,798 Views)

Thu., Feb. 06, 2014:  A Description of the Revolutionary War Battle of Pelham Published in 1926 for the Sesquicentennial Celebration (1,394 Views)

Mon., Feb. 06, 2017:  Why is the Lovely Home at 467 Pelhamdale Avenue Only 18 Feet Wide on a 25-Foot-Wide Lot? (1,329 Views) 

Top referring Web sites from which visitors reach the Historic Pelham Blog include:  Facebook.com, Google.com, and ResearchGuides.Case.Edu.  Recent searches on the site have included:

"charles pelham revolutionary war"
"history of the wartburg orphanage"
"John Starin Glen Island"
"Steam Ship Pioneer Contractor"
"US Train Crashes"

The Historic Pelham Blog is accessed by visitors all over the world.  In the last few days, visitors from the following countries have viewed pages from the Historic Pelham Blog:

United States (2171 Page Views)
France (477 Page Views)
Brazil (452 Page Views)
Belgium (393 Page Views)
Poland (222 Page Views)
Philippines (221 Page Views)
Kuwait (155 Page Views)
Russia (114 Page Views)
Japan (97 Page Views)
Ukraine (76 Page Views)

The dashboard for the Blog generates a color-coded map showing accesses from countries throughout the world.  This morning's map appears immediately below.

As the Historic Pelham Blog enters its fourteenth year, interest in the history of the tiny little town of Pelham, New York remains high.  Hopefully the Blog can continue to tell the history of the little town for years to come.

Archive of the Historic Pelham Web Site.

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