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Friday, July 22, 2005

Editorial from the Pelham Manor Tribune Published on October 1, 1894

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Only a few copies of a newspaper briefly published in the 1890s for residents of the Village of Pelham Manor known as the Pelham Manor Tribune are known to exist. The newspaper was established in the fall of 1893 by R. C. Beecroft who quickly "sold out" to Edgar C. Beecroft. William G. Beecroft served as an editor of the publication.

Below is the editorial that appeared on the first anniversary of the newspaper's founding on October 1, 1894.

"Pelham Manor Tribune.



50 Cents Per Year.

This paper will be the friend of the Village in morals and truth, independent of party prejudices.

THE PELHAM MANOR TRIBUNE invites correspondence from all quarters on live topics. Local affairs and news given the preference. Brevity, clearness, force and timeliness should be kept in view. Correspondents held responsible for their own statements. Write plainly and send real name. All communications should be addressed to THE EDITOR.

Entered at the post office at Pelham Manor, N.Y., second class mail matter.


If a few of the cows which stray around the village, with ropes on their necks but with no terra firma attached to the other end, were driven within the yard better known as the pound, where it would cost the owners $2 to have them released, there would be fewer homeless cows around and more new rope purchased. The people here in the Manor begin to think that if they are to feed the cows on cultivated geraniums and other sweet weeds they should be furnished milk and beef free of charge.

The Tribune begins its second year today. The paper was founded by R.C. Beecroft, who sold out to the present owner ten months ago, and it has done remarkably well, thank you. In the face of the hard times it has gained steadily in subscriptions (paid for) and in advertising patronage also yielding money. Its readers have been accustomed to read it through and all through. It has said hard things and truthful, and it has never been sued for libel; for which last circumstance the editor is much obliged, for a libel suit is a hackneyed sort of advertisement, tiresome and unsatisfactory, when so many other means may be resorted to. We therefore wish to thank our subscribers and advertisers, for the kindly and generous way in which they have treated us as an infant, and hope, now we have grown older and stronger, they will not cease their attentions."

Source: Pelham Manor Tribune, Oct. 1, 1894, p. 2, col. 1.

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