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Thursday, March 16, 2006

1869 New York Herald Article About Pelham's Boundary Dispute With New Rochelle

For decades in the 19th century, Pelham and New Rochelle disputed the proper location of the boundary line between them. Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog transcribes the text of a newspaper article about the dispute that appeared in the November 23, 1869 issue of the New York Herald. The dispute continued for many, many years after the publication of this article.

"DEFINING TOWN BOUNDARY LINES. - The somewhat important legal contest which has existed for many months involving a disputed boundary line between the towns of Pelham and New Rochelle, although primarily settled, is still likely to be the subject of almost endless litigation. Not many days ago the State Engineer, to whom the matter had been referred, rendered a decision regarding the disputed boundary line named, which is said to re-establish a line laid down in 1703 by Augustus Graham who was then Colonial Engineer and Surveyor. According to this decision about 200 acres of land, which for nearly 170 years have been regarded as part of the town of New Rochelle, are transferred to Pelham, and numerous citizens of the latter town are in favor of a suit being at once instituted against the town of New Rochelle for the entire amount of taxes paid by residents of the disputed territory during the period mentioned. It is understood that the recent decision meets with almost universal dissatisfaction from the inhabitants of New Rochelle, who, it is stated, will not relinquish their claim to the disputed territory while any avenue remains open for contesting the matter."

Source: Defining Town Boundary Lines, N.Y. Herald, Nov. 23, 1869, p. 10, col. 1.

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