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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Pelham Locations for Which Famous Landscape Designer Loutrel Briggs Executed Designs

Recently I have published to the Historic Pelham Blog a number of items regarding the renowned landscape designer Loutrel Briggs and some of the gardens and landscape designs that he prepared for clients located in Pelham. For examples of such recent postings, see:

Thursday, October 20, 2005: Historic Loutrel Briggs Garden "Discovered" in Pelham Manor

Monday, December 19, 2005: Second Loutrel Briggs Garden "Discovered" in Pelham

Wednesday, April 19, 2006: Possibly More Historic Loutrel Briggs Gardens Located in Pelham?

Friday, April 21, 2006: Locations of Pelham Homes (and a School) for Which Loutrel Briggs Prepared Designs

In my April 19, 2006 posting, I listed Pelham-related entries reflected in pages from an index of Briggs papers in the collections of the South Carolina Historical Society. I since have been provided with the entire index and, to my surprise, it reflects additional Pelham locations for which Briggs executed garden plans or landscape designs. Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting provides details.

In addition to the references that I have detailed in a number of Blog postings noted above, the index to the Briggs materials in the collections of the South Carolina Historical Association include the following additional references, two of which are quite fascinating since they indicate that Loutrel Briggs executed landscape designs for the Hutchinson School in the Village of Pelham and the Manor Club in the Village of Pelham Manor.

"J. N. Dodson, Esq.
Pelham Manor, NY
September 5, 1929
Construction Plan of Garden (V)"

"Hutchinson School Property
North Pelham, NY
June 16, 1932
Grading and Construction Plan (T)"

"The Manor Club
Pelham, NY
July 7, 1925
General Plan (T)"

"W. W. Warner
Prelham [sic]
Sketch of Lattice and Gate (T)"

"Mrs. W. W. Warner
Pelham, NY
March 27, 1925
Planting Plan (T)"

The last two entries relate to previously-identified landscape designs prepared by Loutrel Briggs for Mrs. W. W. Warner who resided at 180 Pelhamdale Avenue. Briggs's work at that location was detailed in my December 19, 2005 Blog posting referenced above.

I have had some difficulty identifying the home that is the subject of the first entry for "J. N. Dodson, Esq." A 1928 telephone directory for Pelham indicates that only one Dodson lived in Pelham that year: James E. Dodson who resided at 1385 Park Lane. There is no "J. N." Dodson listed in Town. It may be that the index contains a typographical error since I have observed many such errors throughout the index. The home located at 1385 Park Lane stands within the Village of Pelham Manor which is consistent with the "J. N. Dodson" reference stating that the design was executed for someone in "Pelham Manor, NY". Yet, it simply is not certain that the home at 1385 Park Lane is the home for which the work was performed. Only time will tell whether this mystery can be unraveled.

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