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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Early Efforts of the Town of Eastchester To Obtain Cooperation of John Pell For Construction of a Saw Mill

During the 1960s, the Eastchester Historical Society transcribed the records of the Town of Eastchester. Included in the early records of Eastchester are numerous references of interest to those who study the history of the neighboring community of Pelham.

One series of records created in the 1690s deals with efforts by the Town of Eastchester to find a suitable location for a saw mill. Among those records are references to John Pell, Second Lord of the Manor of Pelham. Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting transcribes those records.

"Allso at and upon the 15th of March 1694/5 at & in a Meting of the Inhabittans of Eastchester helld on the 15th of March 1694/5 the said Inhavitt did agree and chosen William Haiden Justice Thomas Pinkny & Lift [sic; probably "Capt"] John Drake to find a place concerning the seting up and caring on a sawe mill & the conveaniancy or unconveniency of & for the said sawe mill"

Source: Records of the Town of Eastchester, New York, Book Three, p. 5 (Typewritten manuscript of records transcribed by the Eastchester Historical Society Jan. 1964).

"Allso the sam Day [December 10, 1696] the Inhabitants have agreed by voat that the men which are agreed on the 10th day of Dec 1696 to alter the artikell mad the sam tim with Col Calleb Heatcut is Mr Thomas Pinkny Capt John Drake Joseph Fowller and Richard Shute that is to say they are to acte in the behalfe of themselves & the rest of the freeholders & inhabitants of the Town of Eastchester

At a Town metin of the Inhabittants of Eastchester helld on the first of february 1696/7 It is voat & agreed that provided Mr John Pell Snr and Coll Cealleb Heatchut can not agree conserning Coll Calleb Heatcute bring up a mill or mills on huchesons river Creeck according to an agreement mad with the Town of Eastchester and the said Heathcote Baring Dat is the 10th of Dec 1696 that then the said Heathcut shall have free liberty to erect a Mill or mills on rattell snak Brook Creck provided he perform all & every part of the above menshoned agreement with the Inhabitants of Eastchester and that the said mill or mills shall be built and erected and completed within"

Source: Id., p. 7.

The area proposed for the "mill or mills" referenced in the last of the entries transcribed above is the area where the mill later known as Reid's Mill was built in 1739. See Tuesday, August 1, 2006: Reid's Mill Built in 1739 on Eastchester Creek Adjacent to Pelham.

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