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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

1786 Notice Requiring Filing of Creditors' Claims Against Forfeited Estates of Loyalists Including Joshua Pell of the Manor of Pelham

After the Revolutionary War ended, the New York State Commissioners of Forfeiture confiscated and sold to Isaac Guion a 146-acre farm in the Manor of Pelham owned by Loyalist Joshua Pell, a son of the elder Joshua Pell. (For additional background on the tract, see Tuesday, July 18, 2006: Aaron Burr Tries To Pull a Fast One in the 1790s and Must Sell His Farm in Pelham.)

The Commissioners of Forfeiture, of course, confiscated and sold the lands of many loyalists. In 1786, the Treasury Office of the State of New York published at least one notice to inform creditors of the Loyalists whose properties had been confiscated to come forward and file any claims they might have against the monies derived from the sales of such lands or be barred from pursuing such claims thereafter. Among the Loyalists whose confiscated lands were mentioned in the notice was Joshua Pell of the Manor of Pelham. The text of the notice appears immediately below.


STATE of NEW-YORK, May 16, 1786.

ALL Persons having demands against the forfeited estates of Edmund Ward and James Delancey, of Westchester, John Bates, David Heustice, Israel Seaman, John Pell, Frederick Devoe, Solomon Fowler, of Eastchester, Archelaus Carpenter, Isaac Titus, John Gidney, George Cornwell, Griffin Corey, Nathan Whitney, William Reed, Isaac Williams, Shubal Brush, Gilbert Miller, Miles Oakley, Phillip Jones, Jeremiah Travis, Shubal Sniffin, Joseph Gidney, Thomas Merrit, Ezekiel Hawley, Joseph Merrit, Nathan Osburn, Anthony Miller, Caleb Frost, William Travis, Benjamin Kip, Jonathan Wright, Joshua Pell, Benjamin Lewis, Zoar Cock, John Crawford, James Crawford, Lewis Homes, James Holmes, Gabriel Davenport, Jacob Frost, Jonathan Moorhouse, Thomas Flewelling, Stephen Fowler, of North-Catle, Peter Drake and Francis Peemart, all of the county of Westchester; who are relievable by an act, entitled, 'An act for the speedy sale of the confiscated and forfeited estates within this State, and for other purposes therein mentioned,' passed the 12th May, 1784, and who have not yet delivered in their accounts or demands, audited and certified according to the directions of the said act, are hereby notified and required to exhibit to me their claims, within four months from the date hereof, that I may proceed to discharge the same as the law directs, otherwise they will be debarred and forever precluded from relief.

94 4W GERARD BANCKER, Treasurer."

Source: Treasury-Office, Loudon's New-York Packet, May 25, 1786, p. 3, col. 4.

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