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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Annual Report of The Office of The Historian of The Town of Pelham for 2006

As I have indicated before, New York State's "Arts and Cultural Affairs Law" provides that a "local historian shall be appointed, as provided in this section, for each city, town or village". The law further provides that:

"It shall be the duty of each local historian, appointed as provided in the last section, in cooperation with the state historian, to collect and preserve material relating to the history of the political subdivision for which he or she is appointed, and to file such material in fireproof safes or vaults in the county, city, town or village offices."

See N.Y. Laws 1983, Ch. 876 §§ 1, et al.

The law has been in effect in one form or another since 1913. For its derivation, see Education Law § 150, added N.Y. Laws 1947, ch. 820; and repealed by N.Y. Laws 1983, ch. 876 § 4. Said § 150 was from Education Law of 1910 § 1199-a, formerly § 1198, added N.Y. Laws 1913, ch. 424, § 1 (renumbered § 1199-a, N.Y. Laws 1919, ch. 181, § 2).

Pelham has complied with what is called the "Historian's Law" since the law was first enacted. During the last 92 years, eight local residents have served as Town Historian and have collected and maintained material in accordance with that law on behalf of the residents of The Town of Pelham.

Article 57, section 57.09 of the New York State Arts and Cultural Affairs Law provides, in part, that each duly appointed local historian:

“shall make an annual report, in the month of January, to the local appointing officer or officers and to the state historian of the work which has been accomplished during the preceding year.”

In compliance with this statute, on January 3, 2006, I filed with the State of New York and with the Town Supervisor and members of the Town Council a 21-page report filled with images and information entitled:

Annual Report of The Historian of The Town of Pelham Issued to The Supervisor of the Town of Pelham, New York, to the Mayor of the Village of Pelham, and to The Office of State History, A Program Area of The New York State Department of Education (for the Period January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006)

To access the report, click on the link above or on the image of the first page of the report that appears immediately below.

The report was prepared and filed to comply with the above-quoted statute. I encourage those interested in the history of the Town to review the report and provide me with comments or questions regarding its contents. Click on the linked title of the report above to access a copy in PDF format.

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