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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pelham's City Island Oystermen Feud with Long Islanders in 1869

In 1869, a feud arose among City Island oystermen in the Town of Pelham and Long Island oystermen who plied the waters of Huntington Bay. A number of ugly incidents arose as a result. Today's Historic Pelham Blog contains the text of an early article about the dispute. In the next few days I will provide a number of such articles.

"TROUBLE AMONG THE OYSTERMEN. - A dispute has arisen between the oystermen of Connecticut and Long Island relative to the right planting oysters from the Huntington Bay. Almost the whole of the north shore lands belonging to the town of Huntington, lying under water and extending from high water mark into the Long Island Sound, are under the control of oystermen residing at City Island, Connecticut and other places. The Long Island men charge that these parties do not own a foot of land in Huntington or pay a ccent of tax; yet, by threats, intimidation and force, they have monopolized the oyster beds and staked off thousands of acres of land for the purpose of planting, thus preventing them from plying their avocations as oystermen. As a last resort the Long Island men have called upon the corporate authorities of Huntington to protect them in their rights, but as yet the authorities have taken no action in the matter. It is by no means improbable that a heavy litigation may ensue from this contest for the possession of these beds."

Source: Trouble Among the Oystermen, N.Y. Herald, Jun. 28, 1869, p. 8, col. 5.

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