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Friday, August 24, 2007

More About the Wreck of the Steamer Plymouth Rock in Pelham Waters in 1855

Yesterday I published to the Historic Pelham Blog an item about the wreck of the steamer Plymouth Rock during a snow storm in on Saturday, December 30, 1855. See Thursday, August 23, 2007: The Wreck of the Steamer Plymouth Rock in Pelham Waters in 1855. Additional information about the wreck appeared in the New York Daily Times a week later, on January 9, 1856. The brief article is transcribed below.

"The Plymouth Rock.

The report that this vessel, which went ashore some days since at City Island, went to pieces last Saturday night during the storm, is untrue. Instead of proving a detriment to the vessel, the storm very materially bettered her position. She was blown thirty feet farther on the shore from where she previously lay, and forty feet farther astern, so that at present at hight tide only a few feet of her hull is submerged. She lays level and perfectly easy, and by aid of ways which it is proposed to place under her at once, it is thought her safe removal can be effected within two or three days. Meanwhile some twenty of the officers and crew still remain on board. There were nearly fifty on board of her Saturday night during the storm. Yesterday as the Worcester, attached to the same line, passed by, the force on board gave indication by ringing the bell and waving of handkerchiefs, of having a very jolly time of it."

Source: The Plymouth Rock, N.Y. Daily Times, Jan. 9, 1856, p. 8, col. 1.

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