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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Plan of Pews in St. Paul's Church 1790

Throughout the late 18th and early 19th centuries, St. Paul's Church in Eastchester was the principal church attended by residents of the sparsely-populated Manor (later Town) of Pelham. A book published in 1866 included a copy of the "Plan of Pews in St. Paul's Church, 1790". An image of the plan appears immediately below, followed by a citation to its source and, then, a transcription of its text.

"Plan of Pews in St. Paul's Church, 1790.

[Starting at Front Door and Moving Clockwise Around the Exterior in Order of the Numbered Pews]

Front Door.
Charles Guion 1
James Morgan, Sr. 2
Lewis Guion 3
Sam'l Webb 4
East Window.
Communion Table.
Stephen Ward, Esq. 5
Philip Pell, Esq. 6
Minister's Pew. 7
Clark's [Clerk's] Pew
William Pinckney 8
Thomas Bartow. 9
Anthony Bartow. 10
Theodosius Bartow. 38
Steeple Door.
James N. Rosevelt 11
Gilbert Vallentine 12
John G. Wright 13

[Now Moving to the Interior Pews, First Below the "Middle Aisle" in the Center]

Lewis Guion 14
Charles Morgan 15
Aug s. V. Fred. Van Cortlandt 16 & 17
Israel Underhill 18
William Bartow 19
Lancaster Underhill 20
Alexander Fowler 21
David Huestice 22
Moses Fowler 23
William Standen 24
Moses Hunt 25

Middle Aisle

[Now Moving to the Interior Pews Above the "Middle Aisle" in the Center]

Philip Rhinelander 26
Benjamin Morgan 27
Elisha Shute 28
Daniel Townsend 29
Isaac Ward 30
Maj. Dan'l Williams 31
Israel Honeywill 32
William Fowler 33
Rem Rapeljay 34
William Crawford 35
Caleb Morgan 36
Benjamin Drake 37

Source: Coffey, William Samuel, Commemorative Discourse Delivered at the Centennial Anniversary of the Erection and the Sixtieth of the Consecration of St. Paul's Church, East Chester, West Chester Co., N.Y., October 24th, 1865, p. 43 (NY, NY: Perris & Browne, 1866).

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