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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Biography of Arthur Middleton Hunter of Pelham, A Descendant of John Hunter of Hunter's Island

Arthur Middleton Hunter was a descendant of John Hunter of Hunter's Island in Pelham. Like his noted ancestor, he became a noted amateur horseman who enjoyed horse racing and kept a stable of noted horses. Several years after his death in 1918, a brief biography summarizing his life appeared in a publication entitled "The Historical Register: A Record of People Places and Events in American History Illustrated with Portrait Plates". That biography appears immediately below.

"Arthur Middleton Hunter

ARTHUR MIDDLETON HUNTER was born at Annieswood, Eastchester Bay, Westchester County, June 19th, 1856; son of John Hunter, who in the sixties, raced a stable of horses in partnership with W. R. Travers, and Ann Manigault Middleton Hunter. The first of the family in this country was John Hunter, who came to America from Scotland with his two sons, Robert and George, in 1767. The two sons becamse successful merchants in New York. Ruth Hunter, widow of Robert, married John Broome, at one time Governor of New York. The next in line, John Hunter, married Elizabeth Desbrosses, and their son, Elias Desbrosses Hunter, was the grandfather of Arthur Middleton Hunter.

Henry Middleton was president of the first Continental Congress, and his brother, Arthur Middleton, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Arthur Middleton Hunter was educated at Hanover Academy. Shortly after graduation he entered Wall Street as a stock broker, and became widely known as an amateur sportsman. When races for amateur jockeys formed a part of the Coney Islnd [sic] Jockey Club and Jerome Park programmes, Mr. Arthur Hunter was considered the best of the gentleman riders on the flat, and many of the amateur fixtures of that period were credited to his skill in the saddle. He was the first owner of the great race horse, Eole. He was a member of the Union Club and the New York Athletic Club.

He married, June 6th, 1883, Katharine Remsen daughter of Frederick Gebhard and Mary Ann Leverich [Page 116 / Page 117] Schuchardt, of New York. Henry Remsen, her great-great-grandfather, was private secretary to Thomas Jefferson, and was president of the Manhattan Bank in 1755. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter had two sons: Arthur Middleton and Frederick Heyward Hunter. Both sons served in the United States Navy during the World War.

Mr. Hunter died April 25th, 1918. A man whose love for his country, constructive ability and integrity of purpose were constantly in evidence to those who were close to him, and moreover his kindly qualities endeared him to all his associates."

Source: The Historical Register: A Record of People Places and Events in American History Illustrated with Portrait Plates, pp. 116-17 (NY, NY: Edwin C. Hill 1920).

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