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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Village Elections in Pelham in 1900 - New York Athletic Club Members Campaign Against the Prohibition Ticket in Pelham Manor

The Village of Pelham Manor election of 1900 appears to have been "one of the liveliest contests" in Westchester County. The prohibition debate was raging. The President (i.e., Mayor) of Pelham Manor was Inventor E. T. Gilliland. He was running for reelection on the Prohibition ticket. His opponent, Frank K. Hunter who owned Hunter's Island, had the support of members of the New York Athletic Club which, of course, maintained a lively club bar on the grounds of the Club's summer home on Travers Island in Pelham Manor. An article that appeared in the March 19, 1900 issue of the New-York Tribune described the upcoming contest.




Village and manor elections are to be held tomorrow throughout Westchester County. The trolley question and questions of economy and local improvement will figure more in the contests than National or State issues. Most of the nominations are non-partisan.

One of the liveliest contests of the day will probably be in Pelham Manor, where Frank K. Hunter, the owner of Hunter's Island, is running for President against E. T. Gilliland, an inventor. Mr. Gilliland, who is the present incumbent, is running on the Prohibition ticket. It is said that members of the New-York Athletic Club will take a prominent part in the election and will run automobiles to the polls for the convenience of voters who will cast their ballots for Mr. Hunter.

In Larchmont Manor Carlsen Wendt, a New-York lawyer, who has been President for four years, has left the field to Frank Hardy, chairman of the Regatta Committee of the Larchmont Yacht Club. Mr. Hardy will probably be elected without opposition. Mr. Wendt blocked the extension of the Union or 'Huckleberry' Railroad through the manor -- an act for which the residents hold him in high esteem.

There are two tickets in the field in Mamaroneck, and as usual there will be a hard fight. Daniel Warren, a former trustee, heads the Citizens' ticket as its candidate for President, and John Carroll is his opponent on the Village Union ticket. Both candidates are Democrats. There is no fight in Pelham but in the adjoining village of North Pelham two tickets have been nominated and a lively time is expected."

Source: Village Elections in Westchester, New-York Tribune, Mar. 19, 1900, p. 9, col. 3.

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