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Friday, October 09, 2009

Eight Illustrations Showing Views Of Pelham During the 1880s

In 1887, John Mullaly published a book on the new parks being developed beyond the Harlem including the park known as Pelham Bay Park.  The lands in that area were, at the time, still within the Town of Pelham.  Mullaly's book included eight illustrations showing views of the area during the 1880s.  Today's Historic Pelham Blog posting includes those eight illustrations as well as citations to their respective sources.

During the 1880s, John Mullaly helped found the New York Park Association.  He pressed for the creation of green space for the expanding City of New York.  He is known as the father of the Bronx parks system.  In 1887, only three years after passage of the New Parks Act that authorized the acquisition of lands including lands located today in Pelham Bay Park for use as New York City Parks, Mullaly published an influential book that promoted the notion of the proposed parks.  The book included thirty illustrations, eight of which showed views within the Town of Pelham on the lands that New York City planned to acquire for the creation of Pelham Bay Park.  Here is a full citation to the work:

Mullaly, John, The New Parks Beyond the Harlem with Thirty Illustrations and Map - Descriptions of Scenery - Nearly 4000 Acres of Free Playground for the People.  Abundant Space for a Parade Ground, a Rifle Range, Base Ball, Lacrosse, Polo, Tennis and All Athletic Games; Picnic and Excursion Parties, and Nine Miles of Waterfront for Bathing, Fishing, Yachting & Rowing (NY, NY:  Record's Guide 1887) (hereinafter "Mullaly, The New Parks").

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 119.  View of Pelham Bay
Park from Pelham Bridge, Looking Southerly.

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 125.
Pelham Bay Park - Prospect Hill, Looking Westward.


Mullaly, The New Parks, at 129.
Pelham Bay Park - From Hunter's Island, Looking South.


Mullaly, The New Parks, at 135.
Pelham Bay Park - From Bartow's Looking South.

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 141.
Pelham Bay Park - Hunter's Island, Looking Easterly.

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 147.
Pelham Bay Park - East Chester Bay - South of Pelham Bridge.

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 153.
Pelham Bay Park - View of Upland.

Mullaly, The New Parks, at 157.
Pelham Bay Park - Picnic Point.


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