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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1874 Evening Telegram Advertisement for Pelham Manor & Huguenot Heights Development

I have written extensively regarding the history of the Pelham Manor & Huguenot Heights Association. Regular readers may recall that I have published quite a number of blog postings on the topic, including:

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Today's Historic Pelham blog posting includes an image of an advertisement for the development that appeared in the August 27, 1874 issue of the Evening Telegraph published in New York City.  The text of the advertisement is transcribed below the image, followed by a citation to its source.

Midway Between Mount Vernon and New Rochelle.
Eight miles only from the Territorial Centre of New York city.  A new and delightful suburb, unsurpassed in neighborhood and healthfulness.  Noted for its natural beauty, picturesque water and inland views, and offering unusual advantages in accessibility from the Business Centres of the Great Metropolis.  RAPID TRANSIT now secured by two railroads and thirty-six trains daily to both Central and Lower New York.  Thirty-five minutes from Grand Central Depot, via New Haven Railroad.  One hour only from Wall street, via Express Boats on the East River and the Harlem River Branch Railroad.  One Commutation Ticket, good on both routes.  The property of
comprises 500 acres (nearly one mile square), extending from the main line of the New Haven Railroad to Long Island Sound, of which three divisions, viz.:  'Pleasant Ridge,' 'Glen Mitchill' and 'Chestnut Grove' (in the order named, commencing on the north), aggregating about 170 acres, have been topographically plotted, and the grading of the avenues thereon is rapidly going forward.  The attention of all invited to the many Choice Plots, varying in size from three city lots to as many or more acres, now for sale by us at Low Prices and on Liberal Terms.  EXCURSIONS from New York Office to Manor and Heights every pleasant afternoon.  Apply for new Map of city and lower Westchester, prospectus of the association, diagrams of property, &c., to
Stephens Brothers & Co., Managers, 187 Broadway, N.Y."

Source:  Pelham Manor and Huguenot Heights [Advertisement], Evening Telegram [New York, NY], Aug. 27, 1874, p. 3, col. 3.

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