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Friday, January 08, 2010

Pelham Manor Police Officer Catches a Burglar Red-Handed on Monterey Avenue in 1910

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During the summer of 1910, a Pelham Manor police officer patrolling the area near Monterey Avenue caught a burglar red-handed as the man tried to pry open the window of the home of Miss Edith Haywood on that street.  It turned out that the man had been involved in a string of local burglaries.  The following article describes the events that transpired that evening.

Pelham Manor Police Nab Arthur Tilford Trying to Enter House.

While attempting to force an entrance into the rear window of the residence of Miss Edith Haywood on Monterey avenue, Pelham Manor, about 8 o'clock Friday night.  Officer Savage caught a burglar, who, when he was brought to police headquarters in Pelham Manor, gave his name as Arthur Tilford, of New Rochelle.  He is twenty-one years of age, and is a chauffer during the day time.  He has been once convicted of burglary and twice of larceny.  He is also responsible for the burglary committed in the Haywood barn two weeks ago.  At first he denied it, but when Raymond Ricardo, chauffer for the Haywoods, identified a blue coat worn by Tilford, as his own property, the latter broke down and confessed and informed the police where he had disposed of the property. 

Officer Savage was shot last December, by a burglar, not far from the spot where he ran across Tilford last night.  He was walking along Monterey avenue, when he heard a noise which sounded to him like that of some person working at a window.  He walked across the grass and discovered Tilford trying to pry open the window opening into the kitchen, by means of a chisel.  Tilford did not know that the officer was near him until the latter placed his hand on his shoulder and pulled him to the ground.

Officer Savage brought his prisoner to headquarters and when Chief Marks saw him he recognized a blue serge coat which answered the description of the one Ricardo, the chauffer for the Haywoods, in Pelham Manor, had reported to him as stolen.

'Where did you get that coat?' the chief asked.

'Oh, that is my coat.  I have had it for two years,' was the answer.

Chief Marks took Tilford to New York to-day, and will have his picture taken there.  He was arraigned before Judge Kilvert on a charge of burglary and was remanded until Tuesday."

Source:  Trolley to Shore Road, New Rochelle Pioneer, Jul. 30, 1910, p. 3, col. 5.

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