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Friday, February 19, 2010

1909 Newspaper Advertisement for the New Development of Pelhamwood

In 1909, Clifford B. Harmon & Co. bought from the Winyah Park Realty Company a one-hundred acre tract of land just north of the Pelham train station. The company began development of a lovely residential neighborhood that it named "Pelhamwood".

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Bell, Blake A., The Early Development of Pelhamwood, The Pelham Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 37, Sep. 17, 2004, p. 12, col. 2.

On April 10, 1909, a nearly full page advertisement for the new development of Pelhamwood appeared in The Evening Telegraph published in New York City.  An image of the advertisement appears below.  The advertisement shows a couple playing tennis in the new development and emphasizes the convenient commute:  "You May Leave Your New York Office at 5 P.M. and Play Tennis at Pelhamwood by 6 P.M."  The entire text of the lengthy advertisement is transcribed below the image to facilitate search and is followed by a citation to its source.

Office, 5:00 P.M.
Pelham Station 5:51 P.M.

A beautifully wooded, restricted property, in a high class residential district, within easy access of New York.

You May Leave Your New York Office at 5 P.M. and Play Tennis at Pelhamwood by 6 P.M.

HTML clipboard Why did 50,000 New Yorkers move to the new suburbs last year?  Because they were tired of merely existing -- and wanted to LIVE!

HTML clipboard They were tired of high rents, cramped quarters and vitiated air -- and out they went, where the big broad country remedied every evil.

HTML clipboard You can LIVE at Pelhamwood -- you have practically every city convenience, combined with the wholesomeness of the country -- you can get to or from New York in 33 minutes -- you can buy at once -- then build -- and all you need to start is ten dollars --

$10 Down Secures Any Plot  Prices $440 and Upward.  Balance 1% Monthly.

HTML clipboard Last Sunday we ran our first free inspection train to Pelhamwood -- and sold $122,872 worth of property.  Those who came believed in Pelhamwood's present no less than its future -- knew that it was destined to be the most wonderful investment and home suburb near New York.  And if YOU see, you, too, will believe.

HTML clipboard We want you to come to Pelhamwood to-morrow -- and bring your wife.  Spend Easter Sunday close to nature.  You are not obligated to us in any way -- all we want is for you to come and SEE!  Then you'll spread the good news!


Our Free Inspection Train Leaves Grand Central at . . . 2 P.M. and Stops at the 125th Street Station 10 Minutes Later.

Get tickets at our office or ask our representative at either station half an hour before train time.

'Pelhamwood is the place to dwell, Between Mount Vernon and New Rochelle.'


For 22 years Mr. Harmon has had a large share in the development and success of more than 100 suburbs in the big Eastern cities, and his customers have shared in his success.

[Text Below is from the left column of the advertisement.]

Wise Restrictions

Our property is high class and we wish it to remain so; therefore some restrictions are necessary.

No buildings shall be allowed for any purpose offensive to a high class residential section.  The cost of homes will be restricted according to location, the minimum being $4,000; in the larger portion of the property, restrictions are $6,000 and $7,000.

High Class Improvements

Substantial cement walks will be laid in front of lots.  Streets will be graded and macadamized.  Water and gas and electric lights will be installed at our expense.  Police and fire protection.

Title Insured

To us, and our title will be acceptable to all Trust Companies.

$24,500 in Gold

To stimulate building, cash prices are offered:--

First 10 villas costing not less than $10,000............$500
First 10 villas costing not less than $8,000..............$400
First 10 villas costing not less than $6,000..............$300
First 10 villas costing not less than $4,500..............$200

To come under this offer houses must be started before September 1, 1909, and completed before February 1, 1910.

Free Car-Fare for One Year to the head of each family who begins building before June 1, 1909, and completes before January 1, 1910.

Free Deed in case of death.  Our contract protects your wife and children.  No taxes for one year.  12% discount for cash 30 days; 10% discount for cash 60 days.

No Dirt -- No Smoke

No dust; no cinders; no strap hanging; no overcrowding; seats for all.

[Text Below is from the right column of the advertisement.]

Accessible from City

On the main line of the New Haven Road.  Fifteen miles from Grand Central Depot; thirty-three minutes by electric train.

The Growth of New York

Has always been northward.  WHY?  Because it lies in the line of least resistance -- no ferries, no bridges.  There is nothing to retard the northward growth.

The Completion of the Subway

Added thirty-one millions of dollars to values in the Bronx alone.  The electrification of the New Haven Road is causing values in the vicinity of Pelhamwood to increase in proportion.  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY.

50,000 People

Moved from Manhattan into the Suburbs last year, and the largest number went northward into Westchester County.  You should follow in their footsteps.


Now has electric train service and is as close in tim as the upper section of New York city.  You have none of the inconveniences of city travel.

Trolley Connections

From New York City and to Long Island Sound, one mile away, and all parts of Westchester County.

You Will Never

Get rich by saving.  Fortunes have been made by the wise purchase of Real Estate.  Prices will never be lower and the opportunity will never be greater than now.  See our property at once."

Source:  Pelhamwood [Advertisement], The Evening Telegraph - New York, Apr. 10, 1909, p. 16, col. 1.

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