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Monday, February 15, 2010

Early History of the Manor Club in the Village of Pelham Manor

Today's Manor Club, located at 1023 Esplanade in the Village of Pelham Manor, is a cultural, civic and social club for women. Although it had its beginnings in the 1870s, it was not organized formally until January 10, 1882. The clubhouse that stands today is not the original clubhouse. Today's clubhouse opened in 1922. On July 23, 1910, the New Rochelle Pioneer reprinted from the Pelham Sun a brief sketch of the early history of the Manor Club located in the Village of Pelham Manor.
I have written before about the Manor Club.  See, e.g.:

Bell, Blake A., Early History of the Manor Club, The Pelham Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 20, May 14, 2004, p. 12, col. 2.  

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Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog transcribes the above-referenced article describing the early history of the Club that appeared in the New Rochelle Pioneer.

Image of the Manor Club's First Clubhouse Published in 1892

Pelham Manor Social Organization Nearly Forty Years Old.

The Manor Club, the subject of this sketch, is situated at the corner of Highland avenue and the Esplanade, Pelham Manor. 

The history of this successful Club dates back to the seventies, when a number of residents banded together and formed it.  Among the earliest workers were Thomas Dewitt and Henry W. Taft, brother of President Taft.  In these early days they met in the homes of the members, but so large became the membership that very few private residences could accommodate them all on festive occasions.

Hence the need for a building to be used exclusively as a club house.  Mrs. Robert C. Black donated the ground upon which the building stands, her condition being that no intoxicating liquors should ever be used at the club house.

In 1883 the Manor Club was duly incorporated by Messrs. Robert C. Black, George H. Reynolds, John H. Dey, G. Osmar Reynolds and W. R. Lamberton.  The objects for which the corporation was formed were as follows:  For social, musical, dramatic and literary purposes.

During Henry W. Taft's term as president of the club the club house was erected.  The membership totals about 150 at the present time, the annual fee being $12.  Once a month a ball is given and every Saturday night entertainments of music, dancing, etc. take place.

The club house has fine bowling alleys, billiard rooms, card room, and reading room.  Greatly enjoyed and much used are the four tennis courts erected upon the grounds. 

The present Board of Directors consists of:  W. K. Gillette (president), C. F. Roper (secretary), W. B. Randall (treasurer), Edgar C. Beecroft and J. F. Longley. 

The club is self-sustaining and is quite a factor in the social life of Pelham Manor.--Pelham Sun."

Source:  The Fine Old Manor Club, New Rochelle Pioneer, Jul. 23, 1910, p. 6, col. 1. 

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