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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

1901 Report Indicated that The Flynn Syndicate Planned to Buy the Pelham Bay Park & City Island Railroad Horse Car Line

Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog continues recent efforts to document research regarding the horse car line that once ran from Bartow Station to the end of City Island when the area was part of the Town of Pelham.  Other examples of such research postings include:

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Mon., January 4, 2010:  1888 Local News Account Describes Altercation on the Horse Railroad Running from Bartow Station to City Island

Post Card View of the Horse Car.

Photo of Patrick Byrnes Who Operated the Car for About 25 Years Until 1914.
Below is the text of a newspaper article published in 1901 that recounted plans that year for a purchase of the line by The New York, Westchester and Connecticut Traction Company as part of its efforts to cobble together an electric trolley line in southern Westchester County.  The company, better known as the "P. H. Flynn Syndicate", was the principal rival of the Union Railroad Company that also was working to develop trolley lines in the area.  Interestingly, yesterday's posting suggests that the planned purchase described in the article below did not take place for another six years.  Further research will be required to address this issue.
"Flynn Syndicate to Buy.
The P.H. Flynn Syndicate, which owns the New York, Westchester & Connecticut Traction Co.'s railroad at Mount Vernon, is about to buy the Pelham Bay Park & City Island railroad, which is owned by Judge H. D. Carey and is operated between Bartow Station and Beldon's Point, City Island.  The price to be paid is $200,000 and the deal is to be closed some day next week.  The road is the only one in the Borough of the Bronx not controlled by the Metropolitan system.  It is one of the few remaining horse car lines within the limits of Greater New York.  

The syndicate, it is said, intends to build a cross-country trolley system connecting the Hudson River with the Long Island Sound."

Source:  Flynn Syndicate to Buy, New Rochelle Pioneer, Oct. 5, 1901, p. 6, col. 2.

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