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Monday, April 26, 2010

Public Service Commission Couldn't Find Marshall's Corners in 1909

Marshall's Corners once was an area in the Town of Pelham near the Marshall Mansion known as Hawkswood on the mainland near the City Island Bridge.  Marshall's Corners was a stop on the horse railroad where the Pelham Park Railroad once joined the City Island Railroad in an area annexed by New York City in the mid-1890s. 

After the annexation, Marshall's Corners was removed from maps of the area.  That, it seems, presented a bit of a problem during hearings of the Public Service Commission conducted in 1909 as the Commission considered an application of the American Monorail Company for permission to issue $100,000 in bonds for construction of the now infamous monorail that replaced the horse railroad. 

The article below describes the Commission's troubles determining the location of Marshall's Corners during the hearing.

Maps of City Searched in Vain for It at Monorail Hearing Before P.S.C.

The whereabouts of Marshall's Corners, New York City, provided a poser at a Public Service Commission hearing held yesterday to pass on the application of the American Monorail Company for permission to issue $100,000 in bonds for the construction of its monrail road from Bartow station to Belden's Point, City Island.  Bion L. Burrows, president of the company, and Commissioner John E. Eustis, who was holding the hearing, got out all the maps accessible, and finally decided that Marshall's Corners used to be in Pelham Bay Park, but was crossed off the map some years ago.  At any rate, it is the point where the Pelham Park Railroad joins the City Island Railroad.  These two roads at present operated a horse car line over the proposed route of the monorail road.

Of the $100,000 of new bonds, $55,000 will go toward refunding the maturing obligations of the Pelham Park and City Island roads and $45,000 will go toward the construction of the new monorail line.  The total cost of this line is figured at $76,731, divided as follows:  Construction, $38,181; three monorail cars, $20,530, and hower house, $18,000.

'We are all ready to go ahead with the construction of the road, said Mr. Burrows.  'The city has given us the right to proceed through Pelham Bay Park, hedged about with certain restrictions.  We hope to have the road in operation in the fall.'

The Board of Estimate and Apportionment has already approved of the route, as has the Public Service Commission and it is expected that the commission will act favorably on the bond issue.  The hearing was adjourned until next Wednesday."

Source:  Marshall's Corners Hard To Find, New-York Tribune, Apr. 25, 1909, p. 5, col. 4.

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