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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Account of Baseball Game Played in Pelham on June 9, 1884: The Country Club Beat the Knickerbockers, 42 to 22

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I long have researched the history of baseball in the Town of Pelham. For references to the many previous postings and articles I have written about the subject, see the end of this posting, below.  Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog transcribes a fascinating article published in 1884 describing an important baseball game.

"The Country Club Victory.

A special train left the Grand Central Depot on Monday [June 9, 1884] at three o'clock for Bartow on-the-Sound, having on board the friends and members of the Knickerbocker and Country clubs.  The much talked of match game of baseball between the picked nines of these clubs was to take place at four o'clock on the grounds of the Country club and in consequence of the interest it created, a large number of the residents of Westchester County drove over to witness the contest.  The afternoon was singularly fine, and although the sun beat down upon the field a light breeze blew making the heat, at least, tolerable.  The spectators, who were largely composed of the sisters, the cousins, the aunts and the wives of the players, watched the progress of the game with keen interest, applauding every good play and shouting with evident enjoyment as player after player clutched the air wildly in the vain attempt to catch a flying ball.  The heroes of the bat were not always complimented upon their appearance, for it was apparent that in many instances the tailor made the man.  The fat men, of whom there were many, afforded an amusing spectacle as they ran puffing after well hit balls.

The gentlemen who played in the Knickerbocker nine were Messrs. W. Bininger, captain; Spotswood D. Schenck, pitcher; Stephen Peabody, catcher; Gerald Hoyt, Henry Hoyt, M. Ward, R. Rives, H.P. Rogers and P. Allen.

Country Club:  -- George Adee, captain; William Sands, pitcher; S. H. Furman, catcher; F. Adee, H.L. Stevens, James Waterbury, Oliver Iselin, William Kent and E. Adee.

Mr. Deming, of Yale, '72, a veteran ball player, officiated as umpire and Mr. Howard Potter kept the score.

The Knickerbockers won the toss and went to the bat.  The score was as follows:

Knickerbockers......8....1.....6...3...4 -- 22
Country Club.........8...10...14...4...6 -- 42

The kindly shades of night fell on the field at the end of the fifth inning, enveloping the players in the darkness, so the game was called closed, the other innings being indefinitely postponed.

Mr. James Waterbury presented the silver challenge to the Country club, and the wearied players retired to the club house, where a dinner for twenty was served.  Mr. Hadden drove over from Yonkers in his brake, with Mrs. Hadden, Miss Lansing and Mr. Isaac Iselin.  Mr. Waterbury on his brake, with Mrs. William Jay, the Misses Bulkley and Mr. Rives.  Among others present were Mr. Gerald Hoyt, Mrs. Oliver Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Lorillard Spencer, Mr. Cantor, Mr. and Mrs. Newbold Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoyt, Mrs. Richard Irvin, Mrs. Howard Cotter, Mr. Ray Miller, Mr. Bartow, Mr. Alfred Conkling, Mr. Howard Conkling, Mr. and Mrs. F. Lorillard, Jr., Mrs. Louis Lorillard, Mrs. Williams Sands, Mrs. Kent, Miss LeRoy and Mrs. Jacob Lorillard."

Source:  The Country Club Victory, The New Rochelle Pioneer, Jun. 14, 1884, p. ?, col. 5 (no page number printed on newspaper page).

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Bell, Blake A., Baseball in Late 19th Century Pelham, The Pelham Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 17, Apr. 23, 2004, p. 8, col. 2.

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