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Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Original Village of Pelham Bought Today's Village Hall in 1939

During the late 1930s, the old Village of Pelham (today's Pelham Heights) leased a residence located at 198 Sparks Avenue owned by Michael J. Walsh for use as Village Hall.  In about 1939, the village purchased a four acre plot to serve as a village storage yard.  The plot was located behind the residences opposite the leased Village Hall.

With the lease for the property at 198 Sparks Avenue scheduled to expire on October 1, 1939, a residence directly across the street at 195 Sparks Avenue went into foreclosure and was sold at foreclosure auction.  The Village of Pelham bought the residence for $7,000 to serve as its new Village Hall.  The four-acre village storage yard was adjacent to and immediately behind the newly-acquired residence.  

In 1975, when the original Village of Pelham merged with the Village of North Pelham to form today's Village of Pelham, the modern Village of Pelham retained the Village Hall located at 195 Sparks Avenue as well as the village storage yard behind it.  The structure continues to serve as Village Hall for the Village of Pelham to this day.

Village Hall of the Village of Pelham Located at 195 Sparks Avenue
in 2012.  Portion of Village Storage Yard Visible in Rear.
NOTE:  Click Image to Enlarge.

"Village Buys Sparks Avenue House For New Village Hall

With report this week of the purchase of additional property and a residence on Sparks avenue, by the Village of Pelham, indication was given that the village offices will soon be housed in new quarters.  Mayor Talbert W. Sprague confirmed the report, but told The Pelham Sun that nothing was being done at the present time relative to a change in the location of the Village Hall.  The lease on the present village offices at No. 198 Sparks avenue, does not expire until October 1.  

In a foreclosure sale, at a price said to be $7,000, title to the frame house and property at No. 195 Sparks avenue, opposite the present village hall.  The property is adjacent to the four-acre tract recently acquired by the village and now being used as a storage yard.  

The present village hall is leased from Michael J. Walsh."

Source:  Village Buys Sparks Avenue House For New Village Hall, The Pelham Sun, Jun. 23, 1939, p. 1, cols. 2-3.   

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