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Friday, January 01, 2016

Ringing in the New Year of 1934 in Fine Pelham Fashion

Happy New Year, Pelham!  Our town, of course, has a long tradition (like most communities) of ringing in the new year.  Indeed, the tradition has been so strong for so long that even during the depths of the Great Depression, Pelham rang in the new year of 1934 in grand fashion.  

The Pelham Country Club has its own long tradition of celebrating each new year with a grand party and dance.  Despite the Depression, New Year's Eve on December 31, 1933 was no different.  The Club hosted a grand dinner followed by a dance with music provided by "Jinnie Caruso's Orchestra."

The following day, there was a massive "Tea Dance" held at the Manor Club for the young people of Pelham.  Pre-dance parties and a post-dance supper were hosted throughout the town as part of the day long celebration.  The Tea Dance featured the "Silver Moon Orchestra" for dancing.  Pelham rang in 1934 in a grand way.

This evening, Pelhamites likely will be among the many who join the throngs in Times Square to watch the ball drop (and most certainly will be among the many who watch the event on television).  Watching the ball drop in Times Square has been a tradition since December 31, 1907 (except in 1942 and 1943 due to war-time blackouts).  While Pelhamites likely watched the ball drop in Times Square in on December 31, 1933, nothing can compare to the excitement of the grand party scene in Pelham that same evening and the following day as Pelhamites rang in the new year with gusto despite the state of the world economy!

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Transcribed below is the text of a couple of articles that describe the New Year's celebration on December 31, 1933 and the following day.  Each is followed by a citation and link to its source.

"Pelham Country Club News
Holiday Program at Pelham Country Club Includes Many Features to Conclude with New Year's Eve Party.

The new year will be welcomed at Pelham Country Club with an Old Fashioned New Year's Eve party on the night of Sunday, Dec. 31st.  During the Christmas holidays there will be many social functions held at the club arranged by many prominent hosts and hostesses.

The New Year's Eve party will include a dinner and dance with any novel features of entertainment.  The program will begin at 9 p.m. and continue until the new year is several hours old.  Music for dancing will be furnished by Jinnie Caruso's orchestra."

Source:  Pelham Country Club News -CLUB TO WELCOME 1934 IN STYLE OF OLDEN DAYS -- Holiday Program at Pelham Country Club Includes Many Features to Conclude with New Year's Eve Party, The Pelham Sun, Dec. 22, 1933, Vol. 24, No. 40, p. 2, cols. 1-2.

"Junior Section Greets New Year at Holiday Tea Dance
Two Hundred Attend Social Function at Manor Club on New Year's Day; Miss Lucille McAuliffe, Chairman.

Two hundred members of the younger set attended the successful New Year's day tea dance, held on Monday afternoon at the Manor club, under the auspices of the Junior Section.  

Miss Lucille McAuliffe, a former chairman of the section headed the committee in charge of arrangements.  Assisting were the Misses Evelyn R. Lahey, Lialete Childs, Jeanette Rebele, Frances Moore, Mary Elizabeth Parsons, Adele Kramer, Shirley Ford, Betty Hart, Beverly Hull, Gertrude Dyer, Carol Dickson, Mary Kezar, Katharine King, Hope Morgan, Virginia Walker and Betty Donaldson.

The guests were received by Mrs. Walter B. Parsons, president of the Manor Club; Mrs. Herbert P. Elliott, Senior advisor to the Juniors; Miss Jeanette Rebele, Junior Chairman and Miss Evelyn R. Lahey.  Guests of honor for the occasion were Mrs. Albert Emerson Hadlock, chairman of the Federated Club of the County and her daughter, Miss Marion Hadlock.

Presiding at the tea table were the Misses Betty Hart, Mary Elizabeth Parsons, Gertrude Dyer and Lialete Childs.

The Silver Moon orchestra furnished the music for dancing.  

Miss Jane Wood of Pelham Heights entertained at an eggnog party preceding the tea dance, in honor of Miss Claire Specht, whose wedding to Mr. Oscar K. Williams takes place tonight in Christ's Church.  

Miss Lialete Childs of Wolf's Lane entertained at a buffet luncheon for about thirty-five guests at her home preceding the party.  Miss Evelyn R. Lahey of Witherbee avenue was hostess at a small supper party at her home following the tea dance.  

The Floor Committee for the dance included:  William Bunting, chairman; Howard S. Pursche, Daniel J. Lahey, Jr., Richards S. Kidwell, Morgan Mann, Jr., Fred Johnston, William Burns, William J. Michaels, Howard F. Decker.

The guests present included:  The Misses Lenor Clarke, Jean Brophy, Imogene Gurschel, Helen Mordaunt, Maureen Jennings, Adele Ingalls, Mary Elizabeth Parsons, Charlotte Goldsborough, Sally Curtis, Mary Dowdell, Betty Donaldson, Marion Trigge, Audrey Seritzenbach, Alexandria Korsmeyer, Jane Wood, Dorothy Shaw, Mary Lloyd, Theresa Kelleher, Gertrude Dyer, Sylvia Smith, Katharine Knapp, Jean Ackland, Carmen Hart, Betty Hart, Betty Holden, Lucy Brown, Frances Moore, Beverly Hull, Jane St. John, Barbara Sprague, Marion Hadlock, Betty Sherwood, Barbara Towne, Lucile McAuliffe, Janet Lahey, Margaret Stobie, Priscilla Hawkes, Margaret Lebeis, Ellen Webster, Genevieve Wall, MMarcellina Wall, Anne Shea, Lialete Childs, Janet Muir.

Also the Misses Marion Russell, Charlotte O'Mara, Harriett Stobie, Claire Specht, Helen Rowe, Aileen Dugan, Corrine Post, Ruth Walker, Virginia Walker, Alice Adams, Molly Guior, Helen Wyckoff, Kathryn Brennan, Marjorie Wood, Beverly Fink, Marjorie Southworth, Gerry Strahl, Jean Reusch, Charlotte Connelley, Evelyn R. Lahey.  

Also Messrs.:  Stuart Higley, Charles F. Jounod, Richard Lee, John Randolph, Dudley Peterson, Jack Nathan, Earle Stone, Jack Shattuck, MMorgan Shattuck, James Hanofee, Fred Sullivan, John Hazard, William Myers, Dick Winkler, Wescott Rathbone, Henry Reis, Jr., Fred House, David Flynn, Laurence Coleman, Robert Coleman, Edmund Stehli, William Reimers, ,William Russell, Oscar Williams, R. H. Lee, Stewart Brown, Kenneth Walker, Joseph Kilmartis, Charles Buek, George Cummings, Ray Adams, Robert McConnochie, George Swayne, Thomas Myers, Raymond Ranges, Albert Abkarian, Howard Lykes, George O'Neil, James Kennett, Paul Metzger, Raymond Fowkes, Charles Carpenter, Gordon Ackland.

Also Messrs.:  Morgan Mann, Jr., Edward Satterly, Edward F. Decker, D. H. Hallaran, John Baker, Thomas Shattuck, Stuart Brown, Frank Bannerman, Frank Schmidt, Richard Kidwell, Howard Pursche, Butler Powers, Paul Shields, George Playle, James Walker, Kenneth Walkker, William Bunting, Ted Jennings, Charles Chenery, Frank Richardson, Frank Becker, Ted Donaldson, Kenneth Muir."

Source:  Junior Section Greets New Year at Holiday Tea Dance -- Two Hundred Attend Social Function at Manor Club on New Year's Day; Miss Lucille McAuliffe, Chairman, The Pelham Sun, Jan. 5, 1934, p. 7, cols. 5-6.  

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