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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Proud Pelham Fire Department Took Possession of a New American La France Fire Engine in 1914

Yesterday's article told the story of Hans Gruber, the first driver of the new "automobile fire truck" acquired by the First Fire District to serve North Pelham and Pelham Heights in 1914.  See Thu., Jan. 19, 2017:  Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold:  Don't Mess With a Pelham Fireman.  The story of the new fire engine driven by Hans Gruber is a fascinating tale in its own right of early 20th century efforts to modernize the equipment used by the First Fire District to protect the Villages of North Pelham and Pelham.

On Sunday, June 28, 1914, workers in Elmira, New York were readying a rather large "package" for shipment via rail to the little Town of Pelham, New York.  They loaded a beautiful new "automobile fire truck" manufactured by American LaFrance specifically for the First Fire District of Pelham.  The fire engine was state-of-the-art and truly an impressive and beautiful machine.  It was a combination pumper and fire engine (known as a "combination pumper").  It had a 105 horsepower, six cylinder engine.  Of course, it was brightly painted "fire engine red" with brilliant gold letters painted across the hood that read:  "First Fire District of Pelham."  A plate affixed to the side of the car was inscribed with the names of the First Fire District commissioners.

Example of a 1914 American La France Fire Engine Likely
Similar to the One Purchased by Pelham's First Fire District
in July, 1914.  Note the Large Searchlight Like the One Used
by Pelham Fireman Hans Gruber as Discussed in Yesterday's
Article.  NOTE:  Click on Image to Enlarge.

With corporate predecessors and a history that may date as far back as 1832, the corporate entity known as "The American LaFrance Fire Engine Company" was formed in 1903 and quickly became a premier manufacturer of motorized fire engines.  Its corporate headquarters and principal manufacturing plant were in Elmira, New York.

On Monday, June 29, 1914, the train with the new fire engine departed Elmira for the Village of North Pelham, New York.  On the train was a "demonstrator" of the new apparatus named "Mr. Carruthers."  As a "demonstrator," Mr. Carruthers accompanied the new fire engine to Pelham where he would remain for as long as it would take to train Pelham volunteer firefighter to drive and operate the vehicle.  Gruber was the fireman selected by the Fire Commissioners to drive and operate the new combination pumper.  

There was, in those days, a small freight station and side track near the Pelham Train Station.  At 10:00 a.m. on Monday, July 6, 1914, Pelham and its firefighters were abuzz with news that a New Haven Line train had offloaded the box car containing the new fire engine at the Pelham Freight Station.  In the afternoon the vehicle was unloaded and Mr. Carruthers drove it from the Pelham Train Station to the Fire Department Headquarters on Fifth Avenue.  

Mr. Carruthers immediately began giving "lessons" to Hans Gruber on how to operate the new fire engine.  It took more than two weeks, but on July 22, a local newspaper reported that Hans Gruber had "been declared competent to operate and handle the new automobile combination fire apparatus which was recently delivered to this district."

Within a short time, the new fire engine was used in fighting fires throughout the First Fire District.  Pelham firefighting had entered the modern age.  

*          *          *          *          *

"North Pelham
Local Notes. . . . 

This week, sometime, it has been promised that the new automobile fire apparatus will arrive in North Pelham from Elmira, N.Y., where it was placed on board a car Sunday by the automobile company.  The car was to have been shipped Monday and should arrive tomorrow.  Accompanying the machine there is an instructor, who will spend several weeks in town giving demonstrations and 'breaking in' Hans Gruber, who has been selected by the commissioners to be the chauffeur and caretaker of the new engine."

Source:  North Pelham -- Local Notes, The Daily Argus [Mount Vernon, NY], Jul. 1, 1914, No. 7490, p. 11, col. 1.  

"North Pelham . . . 

New Fire Auto Arrives.

The firemen of the first district of Pelham are delighted over the arrival of the new automobile apparatus.  It arrived at the New Haven freight station at 10 o'clock yesterday morning in a box car.  In the afternoon the work of unloading it started and the machine was driven to the fire headquarters on Fifth avenue by a demonstrator, Mr. Carruthers, who arrived with the car.  Mr. Carruthers will remain in town several weeks and will instruct Hans Gruber and such other operators as the fire commissioners may desire.  The new machine is a 105 horsepower, six cylinder, high power pumping and combination engine.  Its color is red and in gold letters across the hood are the words:  'First Fire District of Pelham.'  A plate on the side of the car bears the commissioners' names.  The car will be on trial for several weeks before it is accepted by the commissioners."

Source:  North Pelham -- New Fire Auto Arrives, The Daily Argus, Jul. 7, 1914, No. 7494, p. 6, col. 3.

North Pelham. . . 

In Charge of Apparatus.

Hans Gruber, who has been taking lessons from the demonstrator for the La France automobile people, has been declared competent to operate and handle the new automobile combination fire apparatus which was recently delivered to this district."

Source:  North Pelham -- In Charge of Apparatus, The Daily Argus [Mount Vernon, NY], Jul. 22, 1914, No. 7507, p. 6, col. 1.  

*          *          *          *          *

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