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Monday, December 11, 2017

1910 Article on the History of Pelham's First District Fire Department

On April 23, 1910, the new local newspaper The Pelham Sun published its third issue in its first year of publication.  On the front page of that issue was a glowing article touting the success and professionalism of the volunteer firefighters of Pelham's First District Fire Department founded in the early 1890s before incorporation of the Villages of North Pelham and Pelham (today's Pelham Heights).  

Due to deteriorated tape placed long ago on the only extant copy of this issue of the newspaper, the text of the story is exceedingly difficult to discern in many places.  Today's Historic Pelham article attempts to decipher the article and presents it as part of efforts to document the history of firefighting units within the Town of Pelham.  The text appears immediately below, with a citation and link to an image of the original.


*          *          *          *          *

Fire Dep't.

The Pelham Fire Department of the First District of the Town of Pelham embraces the villages of North Pelham and Pelham [i.e., Pelham Heights].  The present commissioners are E. E. Huber (president), Frank Chaloux (secretary), Jacob Heiser (treasurer), M. J. Woods, Philip Godfrey and Georg Boldin.

The organization of the department was deemed necessary some nineteen years ago after the village of North Pelham had experienced a number of fires.  When a fire totally destroyed the old Case homstead on Fifth avenue, the residents at that time few in number, decided to act.  

Two companies were formed:  Relief Hose and Ladder, No. 1, and Liberty Hose No. 1.  A small truck and [illegible] were then purchased, besides a hose [illegible].

With this new equipment, the two companies comprised thirty-five men each and avoided vice and saved much property.  About two years ago the district found itself in need of obtaining [illegible] and fire fighting machines, and the department was furnished with a steamer, a large hook and ladder truck, a hose or supply wagon and all other appliances necessary for an up-to-date equipment, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of the deparment.  

The companies were increased to fifty men each.  

A short time ago a pair of horses were purchased y the Fire Commissoners to be used for the men.  Henry Straehle supplies a horse for the hose wagon and Dominick Smith of Smith Brothers, always sends a team of horses for the propelling of the large truck.  The Smith Brothers were both members of the Truck Company for years, and they have not charged a cent for the use of their horses.  This is showing pubic spirit.

The department is at present in fine working order, and the compliments bestowed upon it for its good work at the Town Hall fire were well deserved.

Many members of the companies wear ten years' service emblems, some even fifteen years, hence experience is here combined with affection for the department.

Kneeland S. Durham is now the Chief; Louis Epple is Deputy Chief of Relief Hose and Ladder Company.  John Rohrs, Jr. is Foreman and Albert Munroe, Assistant Foreman.  Daniel O'Leary is Foreman of Liberty Hose Company, and John Myers is Assistant Foreman."


*          *          *          *          *

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