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Monday, December 25, 2017

"A Christmas Creed" Presented to Pelham During the Holiday Season in 1922

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year Dear Pelham!

Pelhamites enjoyed the holidays in 1922 at the outset of the Roaring Twenties.  The local economy was humming along.  All was good in the world.  

"Radiophones" were the new rage in Pelham that year.  See Mon., May 22, 2017:  Early Radio in Pelham: Pelham Firefighters and Business at Pelham Picture House Installed "Radiophone" in 1922.  Prohibition was underway that year as well, though it didn't stop Pelhamites from celebrating with a nip or two.  See Thu., Feb. 02, 2017:  Bootleggers Began to Feel the Heat in Pelham in 1922.  The Huguenot Memorial Presbyterian Church at Four Corners celebrated its 46th anniversary that year.  See Thu., Aug. 24, 2017:  Huguenot Memorial Presbyterian Church Had a Special Celebration of its 46th Anniversary in 1922.  "Silent Cop" traffic "semaphores" and signals were being installed throughout Town as traffic grew to otherwise dangerous levels.  See Wed., Nov. 29, 2017:  Pelham Grows Up: Installation of "Silent Cop" Traffic Lights and Traffic Semaphores in the 1920s.  Grading and construction of Memorial Park next to Town Hall began in 1922.  See Fri., Sep. 22, 2017:  The Establishment of Memorial Park by the Town of Pelham During the 1920s.  Single copies of The Pelham Sun, our local newspaper at the time, cost six cents in 1922.  An annual subscription cost three dollars.  The "Good Ol' Days" were well upon Pelham that year.

Even Dear Pelham's "Christmas Spirit" was optimistic that year.  Indeed, The Pelham Sun devoted its entire front page on December 15, 1922 to "A Christmas Creed."  With yet another Christmas now underway in Pelham, "A Christmas Creed" is transcribed below, followed by a reproduction of the front page of the newspaper on which it appeared ninety-five years ago.

"A Christmas Creed


I believe in Santa Claus.  I believe no hair is snowier, no cheeks redder, no smile merrier and no eyes more twinkling than his.  I believe the heart inn him is big enough to encompass the world -- if people would let it!  I believe in the jingle of his sleigh bells, the swiftness of his reindeer, the sound of their tapping feet on the roof.  I believe in chimneys, big, broad, deep-throated chimneys that will not cramp the Merry Gentleman with his bulging pack.  I believe in solemn rows of stockings hanging by the fire -- father's short one, mother's long one and the dangling ones of the children, all waiting and expectant.  I believe in the invisible blossom of happiness that Santa Clause leaves at every house, and I believe that it will grow through all the year if people try to keep the spirit of Christmas every day!"

Source:  Thomas, Martha B., A Christmas Creed, The Pelham Sun, Dec. 15, 1922, Vol. 13, No. 42, p. 1, cols. 1-7.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dear Pelham!

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