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Monday, October 10, 2005

Photos of the Pelham of Yore: An Ice Truck and a Vintage Bus

Today's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog includes two nostalgic pictures taken during the 1920s showing the Pelham of yore. The first is an ice truck that plied the streets of the town delivering ice for local ice boxes and to cool Pelham residents during the hot months of summer. The second shows a lovely bus acquired by the New York Athletic Club to ferry its members between the clubhouse on Travers Island and the Pelham Train station on the New Haven line -- direct competition to the little Toonerville Trolley that met all the trains.

The photograph immediately above shows ice delivery business owner Leo Giustino in 1925 sitting in his new ice truck with solid rubber wheels and acetylene gas headlights. In the background can be seen the rear of the Peldean Court apartment building. To the right of the photograph, behind the truck, is a building that once housed the law offices of Joseph Valente.

The photograph immediately above, taken in 1927, shows a bus that the New York Athletic Club acquired to ferry club members between Travers Island and the Pelham Train Station on the New Haven Line. The passenger stepping on the bus reportedly is believed to be then-Pelham resident, Bill Russell.

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