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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

17th Century Commercial Records Involving Thomas Pell and Edmund Leach

As I noted in yesterday's posting to the Historic Pelham Blog, between 1876 and 1909, the City of Boston prepared and published a 39-volume set of records relating to the early history of the City. In addition to the records quoted yesterday, there are additional records that seem to reflect Thomas Pell's commercial activities as a young man. Another series of such records is transcribed immediately below. A full citation to the source appears immediately after the excerpts, taken from Volume 32 of the records.

Please note that a number of the records seem to relate to Edmund Leach of New Haven. They are quoted because Leach seems to have had some business relationship with Thomas Pell, also of New Haven.


[Page 217.] . . .

28. (7) 1649 I doe by these acknowledg to have rec d of Edmund Leach of Newhaven in Waomam and tradeing cloth to the value of one hundd & eighty pounds sterl to be paid in Boston in New Engl. in Merchantable bever at, price current, at or before the first day of June next, unto the sd Edmund Leach or his Assignes, & in case I put off any of the goods to the value of the one halfe of sd sum I doe pmise to pay the one halfe at my next coming to Boston, for pformance of w ch I bind mee my heires Exeut rs administrat rs or assignes. Witnes my hand this 23th of August 1649

Isaac Allerton.

Witnes hereunto.
Thom: Willett
Nich. Hart.

28. (7) 1649. This bill bindeth mee Adam Mott of Manhatoes to pay or cause to be pd unto Edm. Leach or his assignes the sum of fyve hundd thirty & fyve guilders at or before the first day of July next in good merchantable bever in skin at foure guilders the pound, or coate at six guilders ten stivers the pound, for pformance of w ch I bind me my heires Execut andministrat rs or assignes to the sd Edmund Leach his heires executo rs administrat rs or assignes : in witnes whereof I have here unto set my hand this 15th day of September 1649.

Adam Mott.

Witnes hereunto
Edward Preston
John Duncan.

[Page 218.]

[Vol. 32 Page 239 / Vol. 32 Page 240]

28 (7) 1649 This bill bindeth me Jacob Haey now of Monhatoes in the new Netherlands to pay or cause to be pd unto Edmund Leach Now of new haven in New-England the summe of foure hundd & fourty guilders in good merchantable bever in coate at six guilders the pound, or skin at four guilders the pound, at or before the sixth of June next, for the pformance of wch I bind mee my heires executo rs administr or assignes to the sd Edm Leach his Executors Administr or assignes. Witness my hand this 19th day of August 1649

Jacob Haey.

witness hereunto
Adam Mott
Georg. Baxter.

28 (7) 1649 I Peter Anderson alias Scoftepheger doe acknowledge my selfe to be indebted unto Edmund Leach of Newhaven for two pipes of wine the summe of fyve hundd & fifty guilders to be pd in good merchantable Bevers at eight guilders the skin at or before the 15th day of May next, or also fyve hundd guilders the pound, or else in Coate bever at six guilders the pound by the aforesd time, all to be pd at the Manhatas. in witnes whereof I bind my heirs executors administr or assignes to the sd Edm. Leach. Witnes my hand this 24th of July 1649

The mark of Peter Anderson alias Scoftepheger

Witnes hereunto
Joseph Alsop
John Duncan.

28 (7) 1649 This bill bindeth mee Ephraim Wheeler of ffairefield to pay or cause to be pd unto Edm. Leach late of Newhaven the summe of foure score pounds in manner & forme as followeth, that is to say forty pounds sterl in beefe or pork good & merchantable & at current price at or before the last day of Sept next, & the other forty pounds sterl to be pd in wheat & pease (halfe of it at least to be wheate) at or before the first day of March next after the beefe and porke is to be pd. wch wilbe in the yeare, 1650. the sd pease & wheate to be dd also at price current at ffairefield above sd for pformance of wch I vind mee my heires executors Administrat or assignes, unto the sd Edmund Leach his heires Executors administrators or Assignes. In witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 17th day of Septemb r 1649

Ephraim Wheeler

Witness hereunto
Tho: Wheler
Edw: Preston.

[Vol. 32 Page 240 / Vol. 32 Page 241]

28. (7) 1649 This bill bindeth mee Jonathan Brewster of Plymouth in New England to pay or cause to be p d unto Edm. Leach of Newhaven in New England his Executors adminstrat or assigns the summe of threescore pounds sterl. in bever at eight shillings the pound good & merchantable at or before the 20th day of Aprill next at Boston in New England, for the performance of w ch I bind mee my heires Executors Administrat or assigns.

witnes my hand & seale this sixth day of Sept 1648

Jonathan Brewster

witnes hereunto
Thomas Pell
John Duncan.

[Page 219.]

27 (7) 1649 Recd of Edm. Leach the summe of twenty shillings in full satisfaction of all actions debts bills or bonds until this 22th day of August 149. } 20ss.

p [by] me Alex Bryan

28. (7) 1649 I doe by these wholely release & acquitt Edmd Leach from all bonds bills debts & dues whatsoever from the beginning of the world unto this day of the date hereof. In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand.

Dat. this 25th day of August. 1649.

Thomas Pell

Witnes hereunto
Joshua Attwaters
Samuel Eaton.

28 (7) 1649 This is to testify that I Adam Mott do acknowledg to have made even w th Edmund Leach concerning all bills bonds depts reckonings accounts or dues whatsoever from the begining of the world until this day. Witnes my hand this first of Sept. 1649

Adam Mott.

Also I attested a Copie of these 3 acquittances & the six bills aforegoing. 28 (7) 1649.

1 (8) 1649 Thirty dayes after sight of this my onely bill of exchang pay unto Mr ffrancis Brewster or assignees nineteene pounds ten shillings sterl. value here rend. make him good paymt & put it to Acco. as by advise Vale.

Kiquotan 20th march 1643.

Yor loving friend
Tho: Bushrode.

Rec d on the other side
p me ffrancis Brewster.


Source: A Volume of Records Relating to the Early History of Boston Containing the Aspinwall Notarial Records from 1644 to 1651, Vol. 32, pp. 5, 238-41 (Boston, MA: Municipal Printing Office 1903).

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