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Monday, November 16, 2009

1879 Article About the Pelham Manor Protective Club

Regular readers recognize that I periodically post information about the work of the Pelham Manor Protective Club first established in 1881 as a "Vigilance Committee" to oversee the health and welfare of Pelham Manor residents a decade before the incorporation of the Village of Pelham Manor.  For a few examples, see:

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Today's posting transcribes the text of an article published in the Mount Vernon Chronicle in January, 1882 about the Pelham Manor Protective Club.


A year or more ago, the residents of Pelham Manor, being impressed with their comparative immunity from annoyance by tramps and burglars, formed a 'Protective Club,' which has proved very successful, and have recently organized a permanent association, in which nearly all of the residents have joined.

In conspicuous places on all roads leading to the place will be posted notices, offering a reward of $10 for the arrest and conviction of each tramp or vagrant.  This system having been found in the past year to almost wholly expel there troublesome persons within the district covered by the club. 

Should a crime be committed within the prescribed limits, the Executive Committee, of five members, are empowered to use such efforts as they shall deem proper to enforce the law violated, and have sufficient financial resources to attend to it in the most thorough manner.

It is hoped that some of their neighbors may realize the value of similar organizations, and should others be formed, they will find hearty co-operation from this club, as a little effort in this direction will tend to materially elevate the safety of the vicinity."

Source:  Pelham Manor Protective Club, Mount Vernon [New York] Chronicle, Jan. ?, 1882, p. ?, col. 5 (the date of the issue and, possibly, the page number, have been obscured by tape applied to the paper near the upper left corner before the image of the page was created; copy in the possession of this author).

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