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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

1879 Advertisement for Robert J. Vickery's City Island Stage Line, A Predecessor to the City Island Horse Railroad

Those who follow the Historic Pelham Blog know that I have been trying to document the City Island horse railroad that once ran between Bartow Station and City Island.  See, e.g., Tue., March 2, 2010, 1901 Report Indicated that the Flynn Syndicate Planned to Buy the Pelham Bay Park & City Island Railroad Horse Car Line.  Today's posting addresses the predecessor to that horse railroad:  the stage line run by Robert J. Vickery during the 1870s. 

Although I have not previously written about Robert Vickery's stage line, there have been references to it in some of my earlier postings.  See, e.g.:  Thu., September 24, 2009:  Brief Newspaper Account of the January 1, 1883 Annual Meeting of the Pelham Manor Protective Club (article includes account of an accident involving one of Vickery's stages)

I also have written about Robert Vickery's father, a 19th century City Island resident.  See:  Tue., January 27, 2009:  Biography of William Vickery, a 19th Century Resident of City Island in the Town of Pelham

Today's posting contains an image of an advertisement for Robert Vickery's stage line that appeared in an issue of the Mount Vernon Chronicle published in 1879.  The advertisement is undated, but other references on the undated page indicate that it appeared in 1879 after May 22 of that year.  The image is followed by a brief transcription to facilitate search.

Trips made to and from every train.  Parcels deliv-
ered with care and dispatch."

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