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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yet Another "Oyster War" in 1884; Glen Cove Officials Feud with City Island and Connecticut Oystermen

During the 19th century, many with dollar signs in their eyes flooded into the Long Island Sound oyster industry just as pollution, garbage dumping and over-harvesting was reducing oystering opportunities.  One consequence was an ongoing battle over whether state and local governmental authorities could regulate access to oyster beds off their shores.  Glen Cove, Long Island, the State of Connecticut and other governmental authorities enacted such laws.  When Glen Cove tried to enforce its law against non-resident oystermen, however, another "Oyster War" followed.  City Island oystermen from the Town of Pelham became involved, as the brief article below indicates.


The oyster war between the Bayville and Connecticut oystermen still continues.  Edward Ayres, the master of one [of] the boats captured by the officers from Glen Cove on Thursday, acknowledged having been in the oyster beds three times, and, rather than stand a suit in the courts, offered to pay the fine, $75 and costs of court, and was about to do so when a delegation of oystermen from City Island came into the court-room, and Ayres withdrew his plea of guilty and pleaded not guilty.  The City Islanders assert that they will carry the case to the full extent of the law as they are determined to know if the Bayville oystermen have the right to stake in the public waters for oyster planting.  While the case was under investigation word was brought to the court that twenty-five boats from the Connecticut shore were again on the oyster-beds, and a posse of officers started to arrest them."

Source:  Notes on the Oyster War, New-York Tribune, Oct. 25, 1884, p. 12, col. 1.

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