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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Earliest Reference Yet to Organized Baseball Played in Pelham

I long have researched the history of baseball in the Town of Pelham.  On Friday, December 11, 2009, I posted to the Historic Pelham Blog an item entitled "Earliest Reference Yet to Baseball Played in Pelham".  In it I quoted a reference to a recreational baseball game played during an outing of The Wm Cook Association from the Eleventh Ward, New York City on September 26, 1877. 

I now have located a reference to an organized baseball team named the Vail B.B. Club that played on City Island only a few months later in 1878.  I have quoted the entire news column in which the reference appeared immediately below.  The news column is also interesting because it notes that the Club scheduled its "first annual moonlight excursion and picnic" suggesting that the club was in its earliest years.  Additionally, at the end of this posting, I have collected references to my earlier postings regarding the history of the game of baseball in Pelham. 

"City Island.

Blue fishing has been good at City Island and vicinity during the past week.  At Pelham Bridge a large number were caught on Tuesday. 

The City Island Bridge Regatta will take place to-morrow (Saturday).  At present it looks as though the race will be a very interesting one.  New Rochelle will be represented by the Lulu and Centennial, and probably the Susie.  City Island will be represented by the Mary B. and A. F. Vail, and two or three boats are expected from Cow Bay, L. I.  Entries can be made as late as 10 o'clock.

The Vail B. B. Club of City Island played the Mamaronecks on Thursday of last week.  The latter were victorious; score 18 to 9.

The new schooner at Carll's ship yard is progressing rapidly.  Her dimensions are, 136 feet keel, 34 feet beam, 15 feet hold.

The schooner Itla Palmer has been hauled out at Carll's yard for cleaning and painting.  The steam yacht Active was hauled out on Wednesday for general repairs.  She is an English cutter, and owned by W. F. J. Hurst.  The sloop Clarissa arrived at Carll's dock on Tuesday evening with a load of yellow pine timber for the new schooner.  On Wednesday morning, when the tide went down, the sloop went over on her side, and as the tide rose again, the vessel being so heavily loaded she could not right herself, so she became submerged.

The derrick steamer, Ox, delivered the boiler and machinery, built for the new steam yacht now building at Carll's for the U.S. Government, on Monday last.  The machinery was built and is being put in by Delemater, of New York.  Mr. Carll expects to launch the yacht on the 29th inst.

Mr. John Baxter is at work cutting down the hill near Bartow Station, on the City Island road.  The road near Bartow has been much improved of late, but a good deal of work is necessary to put it in good order the whole distance.

The schooner A. J. Alcott left Hawkins's yard, for Florida, on Thursday.

The Vail B. B. Club will hold their first annual moonlight excursion and picnic, at Oriental Grove, on the evening of July 11th.  Tickets, 50 cents.  The officers of the club are James M. Liming, President; A. F. Vail, Vice-Pres.; Francis Vail, Treas.; C. P. Billar, Secy.


Source:  City Island, The Chronicle [Mount Vernon, NY], Jun. 21, 1878, p. ?, col. 5 (no page number printed on the newspaper page).

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Bell, Blake A., Baseball in Late 19th Century Pelham, The Pelham Weekly, Vol. XIII, No. 17, Apr. 23, 2004, p. 8, col. 2.

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