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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More on the Restriction of Shore Park to Pelham Manor Residents

Three months ago I published an article on the early history of today's Manor Shore Park known, informally, as "Shore Park."  See Mon., Apr. 20, 2015:  The Beginnings of Today's Shore Park in Pelham Manor.  The article attracted a surprisingly-large number of page views and generated a substantial amount of commentary once it was shared via Facebook.  People seemed most interested in those aspects of the article that focused on why, even today, use of the park is limited to residents of the Village of Pelham Manor and their guests.

Since publishing that article, I have continued my research and have located two additional newspaper articles published in the late 1920s that shed additional light on early efforts to restrict use of the park to residents of Pelham Manor and their guests.  I have transcribed both articles below with each followed by a citation and link to its source.

One of the articles is particularly significant.  It demonstrates that Frederick H. Allen, then-owner of Bolton Priory, appeared before the Board of Trustees of the Village of Pelham Manor on the evening of Monday, July 23, 1928 and proposed to provide some of the land sought by the board for the establishment of Shore Park at no cost to the Village so long as "the park could be restricted for the exclusive use of the residents of Pelham Manor."  Thus, it seems clear that Frederick H. Allen was the impetus behind restricting use of the park to Pelham Manor residents.

Manor Shore Park Gazebo.
Photograph by the Author, Taken on April 19, 2015.
NOTE:  Click Image to Enlarge.

"Shore Park To Be Restricted For Residents Of Manor
Frederick H. Allen Makes Concession In Price Asked For Shorefront Property

Pleasant subject for discussion on a hot evening is the proposed shore-front beach for the Village of Pelham Manor.  While the Village Trustees sweltered in the heat that preceded a shower, Monday, they discussed plans for the forty acre park and beach that is planned for the Sound shore of the village.

Frederick H. Allen, of Bolton Priory, who owns a large tract of land which the village hopes to acquire for the park was present and made a proposal to dedicate a portion of this land gratis if the park could be restricted for the exclusive use of the residents of Pelham Manor.

This offer was made as a concession in the price Mr. Allen asks for the property, which is to be purchased by the village.

Village Attorney Edgar C. Beecroft expressed an opinion that such restrictions might not be legally possible.  The matter was tabled until Trustees Edward W. Haskins and F. M. Bogardus returns in September.

Mayor Elliot C. House and Trustee Lawrence F. Sherman and Joseph N. Greene favor the proposal of Mr. Allen.  The matter was discussed at length by Trustee Sherman and Mr. Allen, but no decision was arrived at."

Source:  Shore Park To Be Restricted For Residents Of Manor -- Frederick H. Allen Makes Concession In Price Asked For Shorefront Property, The Pelham Sun, Jul. 27, 1928, p. 12, col. 1.  

"Manor Board Approves Bond Issue For Park
Trustees Approve Purchase of Seven Acres On Shore For $66,662.91.  Sherman Files Report

After negotiations and investigations during the past twenty-three months, Trustee Lawrence F. Sherman of Pelham Manor reported to the Board of Trustees on Monday night that all plans for the purchase of the property along the Shore Road for the purpose of constructing a park for the village of Pelham Manor, had been completed.  The Board of Trustees has approved a bond issue for the purchase of the property.

At a total cost to the village of $66,662.91, property consisting of 47,030,01 squre feet of upland and approximately 242,646,49 square feet of land under water, will be purchased from A. V. H. Ellis and Adelle L. Allen.  This property, which is adjacent to the grounds of the New York Athletic Club, has an area of seven acres.  

Real estate men familiar with values in the locality, state that the purchase price quoted is low.  

It will be necessary to construct a bulkhead some distance from the shore line and fill in this area with silt, pumped from the channel, or with ashes.  The latter course is suggested by Mr. Sherman.

In view of the growth of Pelham Manor and the lessening of lands for a municipal park, this move on the part of the Manor Board will in [the] future prove of great benefit for residents.  With the completion of the park and the dock on the channel leading directly to Long Island Sound, residents of the village will be provided with a permanent access to the waters of the Sound and a beautiful recreational park.

The Planning Commission of the Village has already approved the location and use of the land as a park and has also approved its purchase for this purpose."

Source:  Manor Board Approves Bond Issue For Park -- Trustees Approve Purchase of Seven Acres On Shore For $66,662.91 -- Sherman Files Report, The Pelham Sun, Apr. 5, 1929, p. 15, col. 3.

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At 12:08 PM, Blogger Steve Cohen said...

I live in Pelham Manor and support the use of this park should continue to be restricted to Pelham Manor residnets only.

We pay sizeable taxes here and this park should be for our enjoyment only. Many times pre season, when there is no monitor at the gate, people from the Bronx invade the park and make it unfit for our use.

They litter, drive cars with booming ghetto music and use disgusting, foul language. They are so bad, that I had to take my children and leave the park.

Shore Park was designed by its founders to be used only by Pelham Manor residents. This is our right and it should be defended and upheld by current and future Pelham Manor lawmakers.


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