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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Obituary of Cornelius Winter Bolton Published on August 30, 1906

Cornelius Winter Bolton was a son of the Rev. Robert Bolton who founded Christ Church in Pelham Manor.  C. W. Bolton served for many years as the Rector of the Church of the Redeemer in the area once known as Pelhamville (later, the Village of North Pelham). 

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Cornelius Winter Bolton was born in Bath, England on June 3, 1819, a son of Rev. Robert Bolton (1788-1857) and Anne Jay Bolton (1793-1859).  He moved with his family as a young man to the Bronxville area in Westchester County in 1836 while his father preached at St. Paul's Church in nearby Eastchester.  In 1838, the family began construction of The Priory in today's Pelham Manor and soon moved to their new home and built Christ Church adjacent to The Priory.  Rev. Robert Bolton became the first Rector of the new Christ Church.

In 1844, the family sent Cornelius Winter Bolton to the Theological Seminary of Virginia.  After his ordination, he returned to The Priory and helped his father preach at Christ Church.  In 1848, he became an assistant minister of Christ Church in Baltimore, Maryland.  He served there for about four years.  

In 1856, C. W. Bolton returned to The Priory in Pelham Manor.  He married Cornelia Van Rensselaer, a daughter of Cornelius G. Van Rensselaer.  He remained in Pelham for about two years, but was was called to Kingsbridge, New York, which was the scene of his labors the next year. After this he was in mission work, at St. George's Church, New York city, for six and a half years, and from there went to Mount Kisco and, then, Armonk, New York.  Finally he became the Rector of The Church of the Redeemer in Pelhamville, where he remained until his death on Tuesday, August 28, 1906.  

Undated Photograph of Rev. Cornelius Winter Bolton.
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1910 Post Card View of the Original Church of the Redeemer.
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Below is the text of an obituary of Cornelius W. Bolton published in The Bronxville Review on August 30, 1906.  It is followed by a citation and link to its source.

Aged Clergyman was well known in This Village -- Aged 87 Years.

The Rev. Cornelius Winter Bolton, rector of Christ Church, North Pelham, the oldest active clergyman in Westchester County, died Tuesday at the age of eighty-seven.  He came of a family which is famous in the Church of England for its clergymen and writers.  His father was an Episcopal clergyman born in Savanah [sic], Ga., and his mother was Miss Jay, of Bath, England, daughter of an Episcopal clergyman.

Dr. Bolton was born in Bath and came to America with his parents in 1836.  The family settled in Bronxville Westchester County, where the father bought a farm.  As a boy Dr. Bolton took produce to the New York market in a cart.

In 1844 he was sent to the Theological Seminary of Virginia.  After being ordained he returned to the old Pelham priory, remaining a year to help his father preach.  In 1848 he went to Christ Church, Baltimore, where he remained six years.  He returned to the Priory in 1856 and married Miss Cornelia Van Rensselaer.

At the age of eighty Dr. Bolton built a $20,000 structure, paid for it and consecrated it.  He never drew a large salary but he was always finding others to help who were poorer than himself.  One of his sayings was:  'It is the beggar who keeps the beggar alive.'

Dr. Bolton was very well known in this village.  For several years he was vice-president of the agricultural society.  For many years he has exhibited dahlias at the county fairs and his exhibit at the fairs always attracted attention.

His funeral will be held on Friday when the body of his nephew, Lieut. Edward C. Bolton, of the 17th United States Infantry, will arrive in Pelham for military burial.  Lieu. Bolton was assassinated last Spring in the Philippines."

Source:  REV. C. W. BOLTON DIES AT NORTH PELHAM -- Aged Clergyman was well known in This Village -- Aged 87 Years, The Bronxville Review, Aug. 30, 1906, Vol. V, No. 36, p. 5, col. 1.  

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